One Year “the greybill” – Past & Future of an EVE-Blog

With the last days of October ’17 it has been over one year since I wrote the first post on this blog. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to motivate myself again and again to keep publishing, but I did it. And I’m a bit proud of myself. :)


5 most clicked posts - nov 2017
The five most viewed posts on the blog. (2017-11-15)

The whole project actually did not got much momentum when I initially published the Low Budget Salvaging Guide.
But the fact that it got featured in the “This Week in Eve”-Episodes in June by CCP Phantom* brought a lot of traffic to my site. With so far 1,445 views it’s the most looked at post on the whole blog. Followed right after the Ninja Gas Mining Guide with 1,316 views.
Still, after nearly 15 years of EVE, there seem to be the need for guides.

Also featured by CCP was my attempt to give back to my favorite content creators: Double Exposure with EVE Online Characters, Ships & Environment. Yes… I probably should have made that title a bit shorter.


Some Statistics

post activity - jan17 to oct-17
Post activity of the last 12 months

When I initially started off, I had a lot of stuff and ideas in the pipe – and had the time put it in words. I published nearly as much from January to February as the rest of year so far. There are currently 42 posts in total, including this one.


all time views - nov 2017
Total views since the blogs existence

Though the traffic startet growing in June remarkably and reached a peak in Juli – that’s when my content got featured in “This Week in EVE”. After a little holiday shortage (I also posted just once in August) the blog was clicked more than one thousand times again. Wow.


Well. After this little recap it’s time to think of where I want this to go from now. More stories? More regular news posts? I always felt like other websites would be able to cover this much better.
I’m a one and lonely space-donkey-show after all.
When I look at the statistics of 2017 the more detailed guides got the most traffic. I don’t want to stop posting other stuff, but people really seem to want to read guides about EVE. Analytics also say people are mostly finding my blog via search engines.

So I will try to deliver more guides, make them fun to read and add some personal stories to them. Like the one of how I became a J-space nomad – which is still in the making. And how you could become one too, if you are interested in a nomadic life-style as a lone wolf type of player.

But this type of content takes more time to write. And I want to do it good. I want to make them better than the posts I wrote in the past, some only for the sake of posting regular & see my stats growing. Instead I want to go back to the old principle quality over quantity. At this point I usually like to quote a random famous person who shall have said something like this:

I didn’t have the time to write less.

That might be why I love Twitter so much. I think it’s a sign of quality if you can express yourself with rather less words. Sadly for you, I don’t have the time to do this right now at the scale of more frequent blog posts. Some RL projects keeping me occupied. But occasionally I will make an more or less eloquent Tweet. So follow me there, if you like.


Stay tuned, there is definitely more to come.


Now, is there anything YOU want to see more of? Yes?
I would appreciate if you leave a comment below.

Here is a pretty picture. Thanks for reading! o7

omen im gegenlicht
Omen Navy Issue, Amarr T1 Faction Cruiser


*Sir, thank you for your work. It was an honor. o7 (Background-Info in the official EVE Forums, the Community Team was also affected by this.)

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