Six Years of Change

If you think about dusting off your F1 key and undocking again, this post is for you: I went over the long list of dev blogs and update news to filter for the most important changes of the past six years you should know about.
I tried to leave out any obsolete and not mechanically relevant information like ship redesigns, graphic or performance updates. But if you think I forgot anything relevant, please let me know in the comments!

2014 “Thera is not a Wormhole”

  • The skill queue is unlimited now (previously capped at 24h).
  • Thera got introduced. A massive system of 340 AU diameter that spawns a ton of wormhole-connections to all kinds of space. Look up Eve Scout to find your closest one. It also has a couple Sisters of Eve stations you can dock and play station games at.
  • Polarized Weapons: Get a huge buff on damage potential but lose all your resistances.
  • Clone Upgrades: Gone. No need to upgrade your clone anymore. You keep all your skill points when getting podded. The exception are T3 Cruisers: You will lose a random skill-level one of their sub system skills.
  • Mining Frigate: Prospect. It’s a cloaky Venture.
2014 was also the year the probably most watched EVE Online trailer of all time released.
Over 7 million views as I am typing.

2015 Spool the Boosh

  • Combat Recons are not longer detectable on dscan.
  • Capital Rework: No more Triage-Carriers & a wide range of changed mechanics.
  • Drifters appeared. A dangerous high-end NPC you need some special toys to find and kill in wormholes.
Sadly there did not that much more happen. But the Drifters are still around and may play a role in current Triglavian things.
  • Introduction of “Fozzie Sov“. Changes to the sovereignty system that we have to date. It has its ups and downs.
  • Jump Fatigue Reductions: The maximum timer got reduced from previously 5 days to 12 hours.
  • T3 Destroyers: Amarr Confessor, Minmatar Svipul, Gallente Hecate, and Caldari Jackdaw got introduced.
  • Killmarks: When you land the last blow on a ship that’s not a shuttle or rookie frigate, you get a little mark on your ships hull.
  • Ice-Mining Frigate: Endurance. It can cloak, but not warp cloaked.
  • Navy Frigates with strong E-War. Very niche.
  • T2 Logi Frigates. Strong in certain scenarios like T3 Destroyer fleets.
  • Command Destroyers. These ships can “spool” up a Micro Jump Field Generator that can “boosh” (teleport) up to 25 ships within 6 km around the Destroyer 100 km into its aligned direction. This can be chained, allowing for some interesting gameplay. Command Destroyers also can fit Command Links.

2016 Alpha & Omega

  • Alpha & Omega clone states: Alpha is basically an unlimited trial that stops your characters training at 5m skill points while Omega is the regular state for a subscribed account.
  • Skill trading was made possible via skill extractors and injectors.
  • EVE Online: Flight Academy. A YouTube Channel made by CCP with a list of short videos explaining the very basics of the UI and mechanics. Super helpful if you have been away for a while.
  • Project Discovery: A way players can contribute to actual science for ingame rewards.
  • M-OEE8 happened: A lot of ships did explode in nullsec.
  • Upwell structures: Envisioned as a replacement for the dated POS-Towers and Outposts. Outposts got converted to unique faction citadels. POS-towers still exist but lost most of their functionality like moon mining and jump bridges to various Upwell structures. Read up on them here.
  • Asset Safety came with the new strucutres. If you plan to store stuff in them, you should really know how this works.
  • Captials experienced a big change of mechanics. A new ship class stepped on the battlefield: Capital logistic vessels called Force Auxiliaries (FAX) which have seen their own meta evolve around them. Also new Fighter mechanics.
  • NPC Captials can spawn in nullsec belts and anomalies now.
  • High Angle Velocity weapons (HAW) got introduced: They have experienced multiple adjustments since then and only Dreadnoughts can fit them currently.
  • World War Bee I is happening. The short version: Goons get kicked out of their space in the Deklein by a coalition funded by Casino-Money. It took goons ~3 months to consolidate in lowsec, then they took Delve. CCP later banned such casinos.
  • Pirate Faction Capitals: Serpentis Dreadnought, Super Carrier and Titan..
  • Combat Boosters are now legalized. No more NPC that calls on you to eject your stuff.
  • Bulk-Fitting: Fit a couple ships exactly the same with a single click.
  • Fitting Simulation: Now you can fit up an imaginary ship ingame using your current characters skills. Basically Pyfa in the game client. Pyfa still can do a bit more.
  • Rorquals got changed into mining monsters. They were nerfed since, but are still beasts.
  • Defender Missile Launchers: One per hull can be fitted to any destroyer class ship and can shoot down bombs launched from Stealth Bombers. Does not work against structure guided bombs coming from Upwell structures.
  • NPC Mining Operations got added that can spawn a response fleet when a player with bad standings comes on grid with them. Allows for some fun.

2017 PvE & T3C Changes

  • Mobile Warp Disruptors got a timer and will decay a couple hours after deployment.
  • NPC shipyards. Incursion like content for nullsec that would reward people running them with BPCs for faction capitals. Guristas and Blood Raider capital BPCs can be obtained that way.
  • Pacifier (Frigate), Enforcer (Cruiser) and Marshal (Black Ops BS) got added. Covert Ops ships from CONCORD as a faction. Rather niche ships.
  • T3 Cruisers finally got their big rework.
    The tl;dr is: Loki is equally good in PvE and PvP. The Tengu is still good at PvE, not as good as PvP. The Legion is somewhere in between while the Proteus is not that good at anything anymore. All four are still the most flexible ships in the game.
  • The Agency got introduced. An interface with the purpose to sum up possible activities and give hints on what content their is available.
  • Refineries. The replacement for passive moon mining: Creating asteroid fields on moons that need to actively mined to obtain the ore for refinement. Again, read up on them here.
  • Resource Wars. Mine ore in a highsec site while NPCs shoot at you to gain some ISK and LP to trade in a mostly useless LP store.
  • Forward Operating Bases (FOB) spawned in highsec. These structures spawn fleets on NPC pirates that roam the system (and blow up the unsuspecting) until the FOB gets destroyed.

2018 Armor HACS!

  • Assault Frigates and Heavy Assault Cruisers got changed to be able to fit the Assault Damage Control. Basically an “oh shit” button that puts the ships resistances through the roof for a couple of seconds, then goes on a longer cool down.
  • The Abyss got added. Think of instanced PvE of different difficulties at a 20 minute time limit. Initially only for T1 to T2 cruisers (no T3). Later that year a frigate version for up to three characters got added.
  • Triglavians and their ships: Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, T1 and T2 Logi, and Battleship.
  • Mutaplasmids: These are items coming from the Abyss. They can be applied to certain modules with a chance to improve or worsen attributes within a given range. Good “rolled” “Abyssal Modules” are traded for a lot of ISK in various market channels.
15 years of Eve
Rage – Home wormhole of Hard Knocks got invaded and the first ever built Keepstar was destroyed.
  • ECM got a big change. From now own, the jamming ship or drone can be locked up by the ship it is jamming, allowing it to at least fight back a little.
  • Claw, Crusader, Raptor and Taranis lost their nullification. No more “Fozzie Claws”.
  • Introduction of Anisblex Jump Gates and Pharolux Cynosural Beacons and a Tenebrex Cynosural Jammer. Basically a replacement for the POS modules.
  • Global Search – you do not need to use the market window to find stuff anymore!
  • Planetary Interaction got a new, improved interface.

2019 The Triglavian Collective

  • Triglavian came out of the Abyss and provided highsec with some new PvE content.
  • More Triangle ships: Heavy Assault Cruiser, Command Destroyer and Assault Frigate got added. Later even a Dreadnaught.
Thanks for reminding me, EctoplasmOne. That’s indeed a good thing to know.
And the Pirate NPC mining fleets in nullsec will pod you too.
Triglavians leak into highsec for the first time.
  • A short Drifter Invasion disrupted some nullsec war efforts.
  • Blackout happened.
  • The Eve Portal App got a 2019 Edition. This app allows you to manage your skill queue and receive and send ingame mails on your phone. You can also buy and spend PLEX with it. Not much more though.
  • Buff on warp speeds for every Cruiser, Battlecruiser and Battleship.
  • Hypernet Relay got introduced. Basically an ingame version of what the previously banned third party casinos where.
  • Bookmarks became shareable via Access Control Lists. An incredible handy change. Sadly folders became a limit of 3000 bookmarks per folder.
  • Policy change allowing CCP Devs to actually play their game more.
  • Bumping mechanics changed. Every ship warps now 3 minutes after the warp-command was given, even when not fully aligned.
  • Big restrictions on what ships will be able to fit Cynosural Field Generators: Only Force Recons (cloaky T2 cruisers) and Black Ops Battleships will be able to light regular cynos. Read more in this post.

2020 Yeet!

  • Introduction of the previously tested Needlejack Filaments which can catapult a bunch of 5, 15 or 25 capsuleers into more or less random nullsec.
  • Frigate Escape Bay for Battleships. Now you can put frigates into an extra bay of your Battleship and keep on fighting – or try to run – after your Battleship did explode.
  • Faction Warfare: Less LP payout for missions, no warp core stabs inside a Plex. Gate can be activated from very long ranges.
  • Surgical Strike update limited a lot of resistance modules’ effects while T2 short range ammunition got a damage buff.
More Triglavian Invasions.
  • New T1 EDENCOM ships nicknamed “Zappy Boys” were introduced. Their weapon system is very niche, nobody has found one in which they are useful yet. Apparently they can be used effectively in the Abyss.
  • Asset Safety got removed from structures that run out of fuel. Read here for more details.
  • Abyssal Arenas got introduced: Think staged PvP in a restricted scenario.
  • Triglavians are conquering certain highsec systems. As a result the systems get abandoned by CONCORD and are semi-nullsec, but without bubbles, bombs and cynos. Nijara, the choke point between Amarr and Jita is one of those systems. This made travelling and hauling around highsec a lot more tricky.
  • World War Bee II is going on. Look at for a current view on New Edens political landscape.
  • Due to a mechanics change, small wormholes can no longer be effectively rolled: One can no longer activate a propulsion module on the same server-tick as jumping.
  • Metaluminal Storms leaking out of the abyss. Adding additional effects on nullsec they are slowly wandering around in.
  • Black Ops Battleships got a little buff. They also have the Frigate Escape Bay btw.

Not included are the upcoming changes after 29.09.2020.

Additional Notes

  • Formerly well known Community Developers CCP Falcon and CCP Guard left the company. Three new faces, CCP Dopamine, CCP Convict, and CCP Aurora took over the Community Team.
  • CCP is now owned by the company Pearl Abyss. But what does it mean? Investors that get a public report you can read more about over at Noisy Gamers blog.
  • I left out most updates on UI and other visuals like redesigns. Just see them yourself. Eve is really pretty these days.
  • More detailed information can be found at and the official forums.

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful to you. And please let me know if I have missed anything relevant!


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