Recommendation: Do Not Go Gentle Into EVE Online – by Anovergy

Dim the lights, put your headphones on, switch to full screen mode and stare in awe. Thank you for making this,¬†anovergy. Thread on Reddit.   About: In the "Recommendation" category I share content from the EVE community that I think you should see, either because it's great artwork, a cool story or just masterful… Continue reading Recommendation: Do Not Go Gentle Into EVE Online – by Anovergy


“The Gank” – Mimicking Ink on Transparent Paper

I follow some artists on Twitter and this post was washed into my timeline. It shows stacked transparent papers, painted on with black ink. Through the stacking of the sheets a misty look is achieved. It reminds of landscape photographs shot in autumn. I think this looks super cool and the simplicity did stuck. My… Continue reading “The Gank” – Mimicking Ink on Transparent Paper