-ARC- Propaganda Competition

Usually propaganda is associated with conflict and war. Not this time. At least, not in this contest by the Arataka Research Consortium (-ARC-). This one is all about peace, progress and prosperity.
For background and details, check out the link at the end of the post.

Inspiration & Idea

Ishukone Watch is the police and security arm of the Ishukone mega corporation. As the mega corporations only trust each other so much, they all have their own police force to guard their properties.

There where always criminal parties; There will always be. They take advantage of disrupting peace and creating trouble. After all the hard work that was put into the achieved it can’t be taken away just because some individuals think they’re above the law.
Are you willing to intercept and keep everything in order?
Join the Ishukone Watch and be the eye of justice. Make yourself part of the reason for our prosperity.

After all, every peace needs his keepers.

Ishukone Watch_by_greybill


Well, that’s the result after some online research and a lot try & error. Please download the files below instead directly saving the one above. The wordpress blogsystem tends to resize implemented images causing loss of quality.
The linked files also have 300 dpi and should be looking pretty good on A4 and O.K. on A3. I also recommend to use the PDF, if you really want to print it.

Download: PNG | PDF

Enter until 21st December

You can still enter the contest until 23:59:59 UTC 21st December! Here is a tweet from -ARC- including the link with all the details:

(In case that tweet is not correctly implemented click here for the reddit-thread)

Update 31.12.2018 – Winners Announced:

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