Double Exposure with EVE Online Characters, Ships & Environment

What is “Double Exposure”?

Double exposure originally happened on accident when analog cameras did not operate correctly or photographers forgot to adjust the camera after taking a shot. What happend was that after taking a first picture, the film would not be pulled over to the side. So that part of the film would not be exposed to the light once, but twice. Now the two pictures would blend into each other while the first one usually turned into a high key image, getting very bright.
That probably wasn’t the best explanation so if you didn’t get what wrote just search for images about “double exposure” on the web – or just scroll down.

A Reason to Practice

Since I’m studying media & stuff I also have to deal with digital photography & manipulation. And there is this program I wanted to practice with which is called Affinity Photo – if you can’t afford Adobe Photoshop I recommend you check it out, btw.
Anyways, I needed a reason and a goal to create something with it.

Double exposure has become very popular in the recent past. And people proved that you can achieve great results doing it digitally. I wanted to try if I could create this myself. But while going through my photo archive I had an idea:

Manic Velocity in-game.

I asked three of my favorite content creators (@JonnyPew, @Manic_Velocity, @Reload) what their favorite ships, empire and color would be. Luckily everyone of them answered. With this three parameters I set out capturing pictures of their in-game characters directly from the client.

After that I went over to the gorgeous EVE Designer provided by EVE NT. There I took pictures of the ships in front of pretty nebula backgrounds. You can make tons of adjustments in the designer, even put guns on the ships and let them play the firing animation. All in all an absolutely great tool.

The Results

Well I’m not going to bore you with any more details. Here is the outcome. Klick on the pictures to see them in full size.

JonnyPew, Stratios
Manic Velocity, Nemesis
Reload, Crusader
Nora Maldoran (me), Omen

Please keep in mind that all the pictures are not meant to be displayed bigger than 1920*1080 pixels which is FullHD. I would have created them bigger, but since I only had images from my client which displays only FullHD you probably won’t be able to make them much bigger without seeing individuals pixels…

If you wan’t such a picture your own you might be able to convince by giving me ISK.

4 thoughts on “Double Exposure with EVE Online Characters, Ships & Environment”

  1. Excuse me, but would this be regarded as RMT activities?
    I would be glad if it isn’t, but the Third Party Policy said ‘Trading in-game items for real-life currency or services is NOT allowed under any circumstances.’
    (I wrote a calculator and wished to sell it for isk but I was afraid of being against this policy, so if you know whether this is okay please let me know XD)


    1. Hello,
      I think you are referring to my last sentence?
      Well, I don’t think this would fall under this policy – at least as long as you don’t mean by ISK the real world currency “Icelandic króna”.
      If it would fall under the policy, services like Tripwire or the add-free Programm from zKillboard (see
      ) would have already been stopped by CCP.
      They are offering you something out of the game for in-game money.
      Not in-game services for out-of-game money.
      As far as I know that’s what would count as RMT.
      For example if you give someone 200 American Dollars via Paypal and he transfers you assets in the game. But I’m no expert so don’t quote me on that! ;)

      I would recommend you to open a topic in the official forums. You surely will get some good feedback. Also you could check if people would be interested enough in your calculator to be willing to give you ISK to get it.



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