Fun with T1

You don't need to sit in a 500 million Munin to have fun. What you really need is a group of people, willing to fleet up and go out to do things. This post is a shoutout to Evictus.-FC NighBl4de who did exactly that. Someone apparently gave him a bunch of fitted Thrashers to take… Continue reading Fun with T1


Deadly PI – A Tale about Blasters & Warp Core Stabilizers

I rarely laughed that much, about coincidence, ignorance and incredible luck. This particular happening left me and my corp mates laughing in comms all the way back to my home Keepstar. I hope I can give you a bit of a smile too by sharing this story. Again, it starts with a solo roam through… Continue reading Deadly PI – A Tale about Blasters & Warp Core Stabilizers

Recommendation: Do Not Go Gentle Into EVE Online – by Anovergy

Dim the lights, put your headphones on, switch to full screen mode and stare in awe. Thank you for making this, anovergy. Thread on Reddit.   About: In the "Recommendation" category I share content from the EVE community that I think you should see, either because it's great artwork, a cool story or just masterful… Continue reading Recommendation: Do Not Go Gentle Into EVE Online – by Anovergy

Safe Travels – A Guide to Nullified Transportation in EVE Online

If you are driving to your space home for Christmas, you need an appropriate vessel. Not only to shield you from dangerous radiance and little stray asteroids, but also fast enough that you don't get stuck in the annoying traffic jams around Jita. So here are some options and tips for safe travels. List of… Continue reading Safe Travels – A Guide to Nullified Transportation in EVE Online

“The Gank” – Mimicking Ink on Transparent Paper

I follow some artists on Twitter and this post was washed into my timeline. It shows stacked transparent papers, painted on with black ink. Through the stacking of the sheets a misty look is achieved. It reminds of landscape photographs shot in autumn. I think this looks super cool and the simplicity did stuck. My… Continue reading “The Gank” – Mimicking Ink on Transparent Paper

Eve Vegas 2018 Stream Timestamps

Did you miss some of the presentation streamed during Eve Vegas 2018? Don't worry, I got you covered. Here are the VoD of all three days directly from Twitch - including timestamps, so you can skip right to the presentation you want to see. (Stream-schedule and actual timers might differ) Day 1 Friday Opening Ceremony… Continue reading Eve Vegas 2018 Stream Timestamps