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Last change: 03.04.2020

Business Tools – Great tool to find out what a specific item is selling for in a specific  region of New Eden. Very useful is the Copy/Paste function where can paste contents of entire contracts and get estimated prices based on real market data. – A viable alternative, providing similar functionality as eve-marketdata. – A reincarnation of the in-game market in your browser.

PI-Commodities –  A helpful tool which helps planning production of higher tier production lines in the field of planetary interaction. Probably the most passive way – beside from setting it all up – to earn solid ISK in New Eden.

Intel – Don’t know what a specific thing means? Chances are high you will find the explanation here. – Gives detailed information about characters, corps and alliances. & – To keep track of who is who in the grand scheme of things. – Took me a while to find out the true potential of this tool, but when you find out how to use it, you can identify camped systems, hot pockets and who lives where. Very useful for traveling and finding/avoiding PvP. – A newer mapping tool that is especially good at displaying who owns which region in a very easy to process way. – A set of tools for advanced intel. Very helpful for every null sec dweller. Sadly the sever seems not very reliable (Juli 2019) – If you want to know what’s going on in terms of PvP in a specific system, that’s the place you want to go. Great for finding out who lives in a wormhole. – An leader board for abyssal PvP. Great for inspiration about fittings and in general what you could face in the abyssal proving grounds. – A incredible huge and into depth wiki for nearly all topics you could come across while playing EVE Online. – Just input your route and let this handy tool check if someone died recently on the gates you plan to go through. – German/English with a ton of information and links about nearly any aspect of Eve. Does no longer get actively maintained.

Rykki’s Guides: Wormhole PvE (v. 1.12) – A filterable sheet where you can look up any wormhole site with their spawns, damage, ehp and potential profit. And much more. – Listings of wormholes, wormhole system, their types and tons of detailed data. And its greatly filter- and searchable too!

Fittings –  a website that pulls data from zkillboard and let you search for ships with certain modules equipped. – to create, safe, share and export fits to your delight. Almost like Pyfa in your browser.


Internal Guides

External Guides



  • Honorable Black Ops Explained by John Drees – Not exactly a detailed guide, but it gives an insight on how Black Ops Battleships are operated.
  • eveiseasy YouTube Channel by Suitonia. A lot of videos about PvP an mechanics in general. Learn how to sling-shot here!
  • Blights Wretch YouTube Channel lots of lowsec PvP in mostly small ships with lots of explanation. If you want to understand the meta, this is highly recommended.
  • Small Gang Archetypes by Chessur. Old, but still not outdated. This video series explains how pvp with small gang works and the roles of different classes of ships within it.
  • Ammunition Types by Ra’Zok give you a great overview of what type of Ammunition you should use in what situation.


News & Forums


New Eden Report – In my opinion the currently best and “most” neutral institution when it comes to reports over fights and general happenings.

Imperium News – Run by Goonswarm and it’s affiliates. While it has some very good articles about Eve in general, you should read articles of a political topic with a big grain of salt as you are likely to read a narrative favoring the group which renamed itself “The Imperium” a while ago but still is Goonswarm in its core.

EN24 – A platform that tries to be more neutral, often shining a different light on things as Imperium News does.

Crossing Zebras – No longer being actively maintained. It still may be interesting for one who likes to dig in the past.

Forums – The official forums for EVE Online, hosted and moderated by CCP and volunteer ISD folk.

r/Eve – The reddit sub forum. Very popular and an international community. The birthplace of most memes, beef and shitposts. Now and then you also see staff from CCP post there.
r/evejobs – Most of the bigger groups in EVE Online advertise them self here. But you should also look in other forums.

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