Might Work for ISK

Commission Status: MAYBE

21.10.2019: Live is busy, but the occasional job should still be possible. Just shoot me a message for a quote. Cheers.

Thanks to Reload’s community showcase in one of his streams, I got a lot of requests to do more of this double exposure thing. Here is some of my previous work:


  • For 1 billion in-game ISK I’ll get startet on your commission. If you have special wishes (e.g. multiple ships in one picture) you likely need to add some ISK on top – depending on what you want.
  • When I’m done I will send you a preview of the result in game & via E-Mail. Should you decide to want the full resolution, you send the amount of ISK we agreed on to the character Nora Maldoran. Please add character name + ship as “Reason”. I will send you an E-Mail with the file(s) asap.
  • I’m not doing this as a job in any way. EVE & everything around it is my hobby, not more. I’ll always act after the principles Real life first & quality over quantity.
    This means your commission can take it’s time – after I accepted it.
  • Changes to the commission after I sent you my O.K. are very unlikely to happen. So please decide what you want before you ask.


What I Need From You

So that I don’t have to tell everyone the same thing again and again, I’m going explain here what I need from you.

  1. The ship you want to have displayed
  2. Color scheme / nebula
    If you don’t have any specific wishes I’ll use one I think is good.
  3. Your character in high detail in front of a green screen – in a cool pose!
    Here is how to get that:
    1. Go in the Escape-Menu and un-check the option “Low Quality Characters”;
    Do check “Enable Greenscreen Portrait Background”; Set Texture Quality to “High”character-settingsYou can ignore “Graphic Content Settings” on the right. They seem to have no influence how your character is rendered.
    2. Dock somewhere and go into the customization menu.
    3. Dress up you character how you like; Then go the next screen. greenscreen expample(0) Move your character up a little, so as much of the body is visible, but don’t cut of anything important.
    (1) Select the green screen background (all the way on the left).
    (2) Give your character a pose you’d like.
    (3) Choose a lighting you want – I recommend to make the face well lit up.
    Then press the “print” button on your keyboard. If you use Windows, you should find the screenshots here:
  4. Send one or multiple of these screenshots* to this E-Mail address: thegreybill(at)gmail.com
    Please also put the ship and name of the character in the E-Mail!

*If you are not sure I will choose one for you.


How do you plan to use it?

Is it planned as an overlay for a stream? Might a visible edge on a side be a problem? Is it meant to be a wallpaper and should be hold in dark tones to be more easy on the eyes? Let me know such details and it’s much more likely that you will be happy with the result!


But Isn’t This RMT?!

No it’s not. See paragraph 11 of CCP’s EULA. (21.09.2017)

The advertisement or sale of out of game goods and services not directly related to EVE Online is prohibited. The only out of game goods and services which can be advertised or sold for in-game currency or assets are the following: EVE forum signature creation, EVE related websites, EVE related artwork, third party voice communication server hosting, or EVE Time Codes.

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