Everyone Hates Null-Blocs

why does everyone hate the big alliances, just because?


This question was asked in the weekly No Question is Stupid Thread on r/Eve. And I thought my answer to this question would be worth publishing here as well. I tried to keep it short:

“Everyone” and “hate” are over-exaggerations. And there is obviously no single answer to it. It’s a mixed bag, different for each individual.

Personally, I don’t enjoy the predominant playstyles in the big blocs (anymore – been there, done that). My playstyle has over the years evolved into a mix of solo and small-scale PvP. That’s harder to find in bigger null-sec groups than outside of them.

The differences in playstyles between null-blocs and small gangers are probably best described in the three essays written on iskaverse.com about “Strategic vs Recreational Gameplay” (1), (2), (3). It’s two rather different approaches to the same game. Long reads, but if you really want to understand, it will help a lot.

Some may have less respect for the null-sec playstyle because they think of it as more “casual” than others. I’d disagree with that. In my opinion, there is no “less viable” playstyle in a sandbox, although some may be competing. And some may see their playstyles threatened by the way the big groups in null approach the game. Like smaller alliances getting pushed out or getting assimilated by a bloc expanding.

What might alienate some people further, is the null-sec-dominated CSM. Of the current CSM 18, 8 of 10 candidates are part of the big groups in null. Some people may fear this causes a null-sec biased lobby, making other parts of the game miss out on being heard by CCP.

And especially on Reddit, some people may just jesting around. Like the “grr goons, hat goons!” that people like to write as an ironic expression of their disapproval.

Now, I’d love to hear what you think, dear reader. Do you approve or disapprove? What part of New Eden do you consider home?

1 thought on “Everyone Hates Null-Blocs”

  1. I mean, there is always some very vocal person who hates null sec. I had a long time commenter on my blog who was convinced that The Mittani was the RMT puppet master of New Eden and that he paid CCP a cut for them to look the other way and that his revenue stream was so important to CCP that he could dictate features to them and controlled the CSM voting and whatever other bizarre conspiracy you can imagine.

    So, yeah, hate is out there.

    Most of what I see though is usually more along the line of “Hey, I brought my play style to null sec and it didn’t work, so you need to fix null sec so my play style is viable.” That isn’t really hate, just the usual egoism of players convinced that their play style is the core of the game. They often fail to see the irony of complaining that their 10 ship gang got jumped by a 50 ship fleet after they spent 30 minutes ganking single ratters in our space. Always a bigger fish if you wait long enough.

    For the most part I think players don’t think about other play styles too much. Null sec gets a little more attention due to the big fights that occasionally get press attention, but we feel as betrayed by CCP as often as everybody else I’m sure.


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