Pocket Laser by yannisoz astate

Today’s video is brought to you by yannisoz astate, and was originally shared on r/Eve. On top of solid kiting, you also get some tracks to tap your foot to. The only way this video could have been better is by some snippets of the group’s comms.

Once again it has been proven how cheap, effective, and fun a hand full of Assault Frigates can be. A couple of good fights and some close calls:
Special shout-out to Fiudovy Tekitsu you can watch hold tackle on that Osprey Navy Issue until the last possible moment at 7:40 warping out in structure and just in time to hand over tackle. Such a wholesome small gang-moment. ☺

Video “Pocket laser” by yannisoz astate.

In the “Recommendation” category I share content from the EVE community that I think you should check out, either because it’s great artwork, a cool story, masterful gameplay, a combination of all of it, or something completely different.

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