Crimson Harvest Event 2021

Welcome, to this little overview that shall guide you through this years Halloween event. But be warned. The combat sites are not to be taken lightly.

This time, CCP lets you decide who you want to gather points for: The Tetrimon, an Amarr sub-faction with the primary goal to secure Amarrian holy scripts. Or the Blood Raiders. New Eden’s very own cult of pseudo-vampires, sucking blood since YC 102.

Choosing a Side

Every 100 points you get a SKIN. There are a total of 900 points to gather for the final reward, the Battleship SKIN of your chosen faction. For a combat site, you can get up to 30 points. 10 for blowing up 10 ships, and 20 for doing the most damage on the NPC-Battleship that spawns. For scanning down and warping to a [Faction] Network Node/Hub, for the first time you get 20. And for hacking the can inside it you will be rewarded with 30 extra points for the first time. After that it’s 10 points per hacked can. Not too bad.

Sadly CCP does not tell you what you get before you enlist with a faction. I sacrificed my alts, so I can give you the list of SKINs you can earn depending on what side you should chose. Just copy&paste the names into the in game search to check them out.

SKINs for the Order of Saint Tetrimon:

  1. Crucifier Ardishapur SKIN
  2. Punisher Sarum SKIN
  3. Imperial Navy Slicer Ardishapur SKIN
  4. Purifier Sarum SKIN
  5. Dragoon Ardishapur SKIN
  6. Maller Sarum SKIN
  7. Augoror Navy Issue Ardishapur SKIN
  8. Zealot Sarum SKIN
  9. Apocalypse Navy Issue Ardishapur SKIN

SKINs for Blood Raiders:

  1. Crucifier Ironblood SKIN
  2. Punisher Blood Raiders SKIN
  3. Cruor Ironblood SKIN
  4. Purifier Blood Raiders SKIN
  5. Dragoon Ironblood SKIN
  6. Maller Blood Raiders SKIN
  7. Ashimmu Ironblood SKIN
  8. Zealot Blood Raiders SKIN
  9. Bhaalgorn Ironblood SKIN

I don’t know about you, but I think the Blood Raider SKINs look pretty good. 😎

Quick Facts

  • Event runs from 28. October 2021 to the 9. November 2021.
  • Earn points by completing combat & data (Level 3 Scanning & Hacking) sites.
  • The (advanced) lowsec sites spawn in: Derlik and NPC-Delve.
  • So far people have seen the sites drop SKINs (‘Cold Iron’), Fireworks, Drugs, Overseer effects, Warclone Blanks, and the regular things you can expect from a data or combat site. BPCs for the Mobile Sanguine Harvester or “Corpse-MTU” are also in the loot table again.

Combat Sites

  • When you warp to the site at 0, you will land right in the first group of NPCs.
  • The NPCs will ping back and forth to get within about ~25km of their target.
  • Combat sites are pretty rough. You would want a team of Battlecruisers, or a Battleship, or a well fit T3 Cruiser (courtesy of erstschlag) to run them in highsec.
  • Very hard drone-aggro. (Leave your Drone Boat docked)
  • Lots of E-War in the site. You want to be a bit overly capstable. Just to be sure.
    • Expect to be scrammed/pointed and webbed at the majority of times.
  • Distances between the acceleration gates are very small. You can run them with no propmod.
  • Once the Battleship is blown up, the remaining NPCs warp off.
  • Killing Blood Raiders will net bounty, Killing Tetrimon NPCs won’t. But these have a chance to drop Warclone Blanks which can be sold in NPC-Delve to NPC-buy orders in Blood Raider stations. Don’t ask what they are doing with them…
  • The Boss-NPC can drop keys that can be used to skip some of the NPCs in the three rooms.
    (If you aren’t tackled, and if you spam ‘activate’ on the acceleration gate, it will eat up the keys. Don’t do that.)
  • The pilot who did the most damage on the Boss-NPC will get the credit.
  • Lowsec combet sites can escalate.
  • Damage Profiles:
    • Tetrimon “t1” seems to be weakest against explosive. 🎇 Their “t2” weakest against thermal. 🔥
    • Blood Raiders seem to be the weakest against EM. ⚡
    • You want to have an evenly spread tank accross the board. Don’t leave too big holes, but explosive damage seems to be the least of your concerns while thermal and EM as well as some kinetic damage will come in from the NPCs. Fitting an Reactive Armor Hardener may be a good idea to test the waters.

[…] the advanced sites spawning in Lowsec systems within the Derelik region, as well as within Blood Raider-controlled systems in Delve.

Data Sites

  • Spawn only one can.
  • They are level 3 data sites. (advanced are level 4)
  • Can spawn 23rd Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects worth 133m.
  • When warping at 0 you will land ~25km to 35km away from the can. (MWD advised)
  • It seems as if you can fail the hack as often as you like.
    The can does not explode after two failed attempts like in regular data sites.

Getting the data sites is basically a race about how fast you can scan. Be quick about it, and you probably can make a decent ammount of ISK during this event.

Tested Loki Fitting (highsec)

The following fitting can pretty much permanently tank the sites in highesc and should be able to run them within 15-20 minutes. Faster, if you can skip the second room by using a key.
You may need to switch between the scripts in the Missile Guidance Computer to counter some E-War. Good news: The Crucifier frigates that will guidance disrupt your missiles are rather squishy and orbit at around 11km. You won’t need many volleys to get rid of them so make sure you do.

The fitting should be around ~600 million ISK and do around 600 dps – don’t launch the drones if you don’t really must. You will very likely lose them.

[Loki, Crimson Harvester '21]
Centum C-Type Medium Armor Repairer
Ballistic Control System II
Multispectrum Energized Membrane II
Damage Control II
Ballistic Control System II
Reactive Armor Hardener
Ballistic Control System II

Missile Guidance Computer II
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Target Painter II

Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Small Tractor Beam II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Expanded Probe Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II

Medium Kinetic Armor Reinforcer II
Medium Nanobot Accelerator II
Medium Thermal Armor Reinforcer II

Loki Core - Augmented Nuclear Reactor
Loki Defensive - Adaptive Defense Node
Loki Offensive - Launcher Efficiency Configuration
Loki Propulsion - Intercalated Nanofibers

Imperial Navy Infiltrator x4

Inferno Rage Heavy Assault Missile x8000
Nova Rage Heavy Assault Missile x8000
Mjolnir Rage Heavy Assault Missile x8000
Caldari Navy Inferno Heavy Assault Missile x2000
Missile Range Script x1
Missile Precision Script x1
Sisters Combat Scanner Probe x8
Sisters Core Scanner Probe x8
Nanite Repair Paste x200
Agency 'Pyrolancea' DB3 Dose I x1
Standard Exile Booster x1
Data Analyzer II x1

If you can’t or don’t want to use a Loki, some people seem to have decent success with the good old Rattlesnake. But that will probably have at least double the price tag.

UPDATE 01-11-2021: Astheroti came up with a Praxis fitting allowing Alpha clones to run the sites.


Some streamers have made their first experience with the event sites already. Check them out:

    VOD 2021-10-28 – the safe way that shouldn’t get you killed.
    VOD 2021-10-28 – the more PvP-oriented approach.
    VOD 2021-10-29 – the theorycrafty approach
    VOD 2021-11-31 – Event sites with an Alpha clone
  • (adding more soon™)

Anything to add? I’d appreciate your feedback in the comments.

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