Burning Like a Hurricane

To find the following video, I crawled deep into my archive, where the very, very old HDDs are stored. After chasing away some big and ugly spiders, I finally found this record of an occassion that happenend in deep Omist. It was a warm day in August 2017, and a heatwave was about to roll in…

This tweet of Arsia Elkin remembered me of the moment, and I had to dig it up.

Today I would have just scram-webbed that Tengu chasing me off the gate and made a safe escape.
But back then, C02 was still an entity to be reckoned; Gates didn’t look as pretty and citadels just had been introduced. And I was in a corporation that consisted of a handful of renters in some dead end pocket too.

Today I know better

You can see how I check where my ship is “aligned” to. Little did I know that this doesn’t matter where your ship is facing to when your veloicty is 0 before you initiate warp to. The only thing that will influence how fast you warp are the attributes of your ship. Everything else is cosmetic.
This is why big ships often “drift” and their models keep turning while entering warp. The numbers are already gree, but the looks need to follow suit.

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