Recommendation: Trade Window Scams

About half a year ago, CCP made a chance to their UI that makes the scam in the following video rather difficult – if the subject is albe to read, as the actual name of the item traded will be displayed within in it. Previously for ships only the name was being displayed. For a direct trade, you had to “show info” on the item being traded to be 100% sure what kind of ship you are being offered.

Curious how that worked? Check out the video below to find out.

Did you ever fall for a scam?

I did once buy a Vexor for the price of Vexor Navy Issue from a contract. It’s a funny game with a count-down in local where the scammer actually gives away VNI’s for the price of a Vexor. As bait obviously. Then he repeats it with regular Vexors and without a doubt comes out ISK-postive at the end.


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