First Look: Skill Plans & UI-Update

I had a first look at the recently announced UI-Update. That also includes a whole revamp of the UI for planning and managing your characters skills and adds a long asked for feature: Skill plans!

Skills Skills Skills!

In my opinion the Skills-UI still needs some work on the spacing and fine-tuning with stuff overlapping itself when you scale down the size of the window. The scaling is off in quite a few regions and it feels like a lot of space is going to waste for no good reason.
But since it is just on the test-server, they hopefully going to iterate on that before pushing it to live. 🤞

However, I did not encounter any breaking bugs in the roughly 30 minutes I took to explore the functionality of it. 👍
Some things, like the fact that you can’t turn off the tracked skill plan apart from tracking another one, or going back into the plan to toggle it off again seems like an oversight. I had expected a button near the tracking-information to turn of said tracking. Maybe I should have tried a right click on it…

Vertical Fashionalbe Supreme Character Sheet?

What I found really weird is that there was simply no option to turn of the rendering of your character. I can’t tell how hardware hungry that actually is, but since it even takes a second or two to load on my rather beefy PC, I could imagine lower end machines struggling with this. An option to turn that off would be nice. Maybe display the existing character image instead?

Also strange, that you can not yet hide the render on the left side of the character sheet. In the current version of the character sheet you can collapse the bar at the top that displays your character and the semi-important information like your estimated net-worth. I hope they are going to add this to this new version as well.
Don’t get me wrong – I like that CCP is utilizing their character models more, but I think they should give people the option to chose between a rendering/portrait or even better: make it collapsable and only laod the model when actually needed.

Summed up:

  • Skill plans are awesome and the UI seems to functions pretty well.
  • The Skills-UI needs more fine tunig when “going small”.
  • Character sheet is fancy and nice… but should have the option to collapse the rendering of the character model.

And to save all the reddit-warriors some precious time, I made video for. So you don’t have to actually login to Singulartiy yourself.


What are your thoughts? I would love to hear what you think about the new UIs in the comments. =)

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