What’s worth your Character?

You likely have read headlines like “$### lost in Battle of ABCXYZ”.
Did you ever wonder how they got that number? Or do you just want to know how much your combined assets are worth in hard cash? Here is a way to answer that.

One way to do the math

If you buy 500 PLEX you typically pay 19.99 €. For easier math I will round it up to 20.00 €
Base value: 500 PLEX = 20.00 €
The base value is a point one can strongly argue about, but that’s for later. For now, we want to know what 1 PLEX would be worth in €.

For 1 PLEX: 20.00 € / 500 PLEX => 1 PLEX = 0.04 €

This is rather inconvenient to calculate with. Let’s get an ISK-Price for 1.00 €.
1.00 / 0.04 = 25 => 25 PLEX equals 1.00 €

So we just multiply the ISK value of 1 PLEX with 25 and you know our “exchange rate” from € to PLEX.

1.00 € = 25 * [CURRENT ISK-VALUE OF 1 PLEX]

Now you can simply divide the price tag of anything you like with this and you know what it is  (theoretically) worth in hard cash. But there are some arguments why this method don’t really work out.
But first some numbers:

Some Examples

The current price for 1 PLEX as I was writing this post where at about 3,240,000 ISK.

An Omen (T1 Cruiser) worth around 47,000,000 ISK / (25*3,240,000 ISK)
= 0.58 €
A Megathron class Battleship 206,410,561.36 ISK / (25*3,240,000 ISK)
= 2.55 €
This Chimera was worth about 1,853,010,672.45 ISK / (25*3,240,000 ISK)
= 22.88 €
Or a Ragnarok (Titan) also from zKillboard worth 89,082,463,334.60 ISK / (25*3,240,000 ISK)
= 1,099.78€

Why all this calculation does not really work out

Source: secure.eveonline.com/PLEX/

As mentioned before, a different base value changes everything. Now you get that, if you you just buy PLEX for 499.99 € – which you can. You will get 11,020 PLEX for that pirce.
When whe take that extreme you end up with a different multiplier for 1.00 € (again rounded up).

500 € / 11,020 PLEX = 0.0453720508166969147005444646098 (More PLEX for your money)

1.00 € / 0.0453720508166969147005444646098 = 22,04 PLEX
As you can imagine, that makes quite a difference on larger numbers.

Real world vs in game worth

But there is another problem when calculating the real world worth of your space pixels:
The exchange rate for currencies.

plex in dollar.JPG
PLEX selling on a popular online seller, note it is in USD ($).

According to real world financial things $1.00 equals only 0.81 € at the time I’m typing this article. However CCP sells a set amount of PLEX for a set amount of real world currency. Understandably, they don’t adjust it to current exchange rates.
That means – theoretically – if you where about to buy a large pack of PLEX, you might want to consider buying it for a different currency.

But the main point here is that no matter with what currency you paid for your PLEX, in EVE they are all worth the same. (At the given point of time)
Still, in the real world, the person who bought PLEX with € has spent more “real world value” than the one paying with $. At least in theory.

zKillboard.com has an option to show you the value of the kill in real currency – just hover over the total ISK value of the killmail.

And if you compare it to my calculations there is some difference. I don’t know how zKillboard is getting their numbers but they obviously do something different.

To sum it up …

… you might be able to put a price tag on your assets in EVE, but there is no legal way to cash it out anyway. One  might spend more or less money on this game. It’s up to you.
But keep in mind, you won’t get it back when EVE Online dies that one time for real.

Until then, fly as you please.
And have fun. o7

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