EVE Online Mobile Phone Wallpapers

I decided to make myself some EVE Wallpapers in resolution for an iPhone SE with 1333 x 2366 pixels. What strange numbers you made up there, dear Apple. They are actually just screenshots. Some are edited a bit, but most are raw and unfiltered directly from the game.
EVE is indeed beautiful. And since there is no reason not to share this, here they are.

I bet you can make them fit for other devices too. Enjoy!

P.S.: Yes, apparently I write my blog posts and make their featured images way after midnight.

6 thoughts on “EVE Online Mobile Phone Wallpapers”

  1. You have some great pictures here!
    Made me download them and shove them on my smartphone where I then wondered why the quality was so low … until I recongnized I downloaded the thumbnails instead of the full-sized pictures ^^


    1. Thank you very much!
      A right-click and “open in new tab” should show the image in full resolution. With Chrome and Firefox, a right-click plus “T” should open the new tab even quicker. So you can quickly select the ones you like and save them afterwards directly from the tabs.


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