The Return of the “Daily Login”

Recurring Opportunities was the first attempt where CCP checked if players would be willing to login for 10.000 skillpoints. These gave you the task to kill some pirates in a asteroid belt, mine a fix amount or do some relatively generic thing to receive your reward.

CCP where relatively quick to remove the Recurring Opportunities from the game after receiving a lot of feedback from the players and gathering data. According to a post from CCP Rise in mid 2016 it was actually meant as field test of this sort of mechanic. Now they attempt another approach called Welcome to The Agency which will t start on Tuesday, 18 July, at 11:30 UTC and end at Tuesday, 1 August, at 11:00 UTC.

And of course there are rewards:

PLEX, Booster, SKINs … and fun!

By adding such a mechanic CCP obviously wants to motivate players to login every day. If you take a look at other MMOs this is already common practice. But does the “daily quest” also work in EVE Online? The developers seem to be optimistic.

Also there is simple thing that will make you want to login all your characters with active training at least once every 23 hours:
Edit: Not a skillboost, but a boost of +3% Speed, +3% Scan Resolution for 30 Minutes. Thanks to  for the hint.

Please note that you will receive a 30-minute booster after logging in. This bonus is available for everyone, but only once every 23 hours.

For my part I will give them a chance. However I hated the urge to grind those quests in other MMORPGs. After a while you knew every single one by heart. At least at that point they became an annoying grind you only did to keep up with your fellow players and be able to keep playing with them. Then the next patch hits and you do it all over again.
Luckily EVE does not have this kind of grind where you get urged to keep up. But of course you login to get “the most” out of your subscription – exactly what they want.

I’m excited how this will turn out. Maybe it keeps people from ship spinning and make them undock, which would nice of course.
What do you think? Will you offer your service to The Agency? Let me know in the comments!


21.07.2017: CCP did a live stream about “The Agency” on 20.7.2017
Turn out, “The Agency” is still a work in progress project. So there is hope for every unsatisfied with it’s current state.

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