Ganking is over!

As it seems, CODE. is no more. The boogy mans of HighSec shall be disbanded. At least the user “wolfsoprano” claims this on the r/Eve sub-reddit forum:

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Rumors go that there where 500 billion ISK in assets where taken by Jason Kusion after a dispute on how the loot should be split. You can read more here.

Who is – or where CODE.?

Lead by the pilot James 315, CODE. claims to remove “bots” from the game by destroying other players ships – mostly miners – in HighSec systems. Bringing the “New Order of HighSec”. Some claim, they want to encourage people to leave HighSec and participate in PvP.
Because CONCORD, the NPC-Police* force kills them right after their aggression, they are considered as a form of suicide bombers – or rather suicide gankers.
That is why a lot of HighSec-Miners or people using autopilot are somewhat scared of CODE.’s agents. A lot of role play is usually involved and so called “mining permits” are given out to pilots who are willing to pay.

Screenshot of the alliance description, taken 2017-02-18, 19:02 EVE-time

The best stories of the agents are retold and celebrated on a dedicated website:  It seems, that quite a view people enjoy being somewhat evil in EVE and blow up “illegal” miners, who don’t have bought a permit.
But there where also reports, that buying a permit did not save people from getting blown up. By being a threat to HighSec citizens, they usually aren’t liked much, or at least treated with caution. Still some capsuleers applaud CODE. for their efforts to “generate content”.

We don’t know if that reddit-post can be taken seriously, yet. As it stands, the Alliance still exists in the game as does James 315; And it’s doubtful that by a disbanding of CODE. ganking in HighSec won’t happen anymore.
Maybe the gankers just change the flag under which they’re sailing.


Or I just got trolled by r/Eve. ;-)
Anyways I hope you found this somewhat informative. Actually if you liked it, feel free to share and leave a comment. Do you think ganking is over? I don’t.



*Police is misleading term for CONCORD because they don’t prevent criminal actions like police would try to do. But they will destroy the criminals ship for sure, not his pod though. CONCORD is more an force of avengers, than actual police.

4 thoughts on “Ganking is over!”

  1. Well, it isn’t as though the people in CODE who enjoyed ganking can’t form a new organization. Then there is GSF’s MiniLuv, which makes a lot of ISK ganking. And, if you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground, you might have heard something about another round of Burn Jita coming up. So I suspect that high sec ganking will continue apace for a while.


    1. True words. And it’s not sure if CODE. really will discontinue to exist.
      According to dotlan nothing remarkable concerning corps and members has happened yet.


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