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Thanks to fellow blogger Jezaja reminding me via Twitter to write this post, you get to read one more this month. Apparenty, I wrote a comment on his post on the Topic of the Month about “Globalization in Eve Online” a few days ago.

Now, do you know that feeling when you have no clue what you thought when you did what you did? That’s me right now. I have no clue what I wanted to write about, when I made that comment – and what idea I had to write about. If these sentences made sense to you so far I congratulate you and me. You for your excellent reading comprehension to follow a confused mind, and me for getting the words somewhat right. Cheers to us! 🥳

Anyhow. I got myself a cold light beverage from the fridge, lifted my desk into a standing position and have turned on some instrumental music. Let’s pump out some words, shall we? But first, let’s have ourselfes a juicy defintion:

Globalization is a term used to describe the increasing connectedness and interdependence of world cultures and economies.

National Geographic

Eve is probably one of the MMOs where you can see this much more than in other online games. Responsible for it is the fact that everyone plays in the same world. There are not split up servers like in other MMOs and also the groups we play in are often much, much bigger. And everyone runs on the same clock the server is ticking in. When we say “fleet froms up at 19:00”, it’s clear we mean Eve time, or Icelandic time, or UTC+0.

Especially in the bigger blocs in nullsec this becomes apparent. They try to gather groups of as many nationalities around them as possible. Or usually it’s not about nationality, nobody sane cares about where someone is from as long as there is a common language to communicate in. It’s really much more about the benefit to be able to cover multiple timezones. Every major player on the map will be able to cover at least two of the roughly three timezones modern nullsec can be devided into. Or they have allies that can help with it.

The Australian and Chinese timezone also includes the Russians login in from the east of their country as well as Indonesia. And since Eve Online got an official localization and it’s own little launch event, we should not forget about Japan here.
After the players in the far east go to bed the Euros and Western Russians start to come home from work and log in.
When this second timezone starts to log off, there might be some “dead hours” since there are just not that many people in the middle of the Altantic Ocean between the European and American continent.
But eventually the first people from South and North America will start playing. And when those go to bed, their peers on the west coast are about to head out. And when the last guy in Hawaii goes to bed he might meet some Australians who come back online and the cycle repeats.
Of course there are all the other countries in between that I have simply not enough words to list here.

Standard Time Zones of the World. Source:

Shouldn’t you be at work?

And during the weekends, you often get some weird mix of the players. Night owls, early birds and regulars from all parts of the world mix up. From my experience you sometimes even feel the impact of public holidays.

Holding space in nullsec really incentives players to team up. Timezone tanking is still a real thing. Sort Dragon who led “Dead Coalition” for years was said to be a master of that craft. He gathered Russian and Australian groups in their timezones and set timers accordingly. For any bloc with mainly European or American timezones this was rough to invade without forcing their member to set alarm clocks in the middle of the night.

And when Tranquility experienced it’s second larger influx of Chinese players from Serenity during 2019, with the founding of Army of Mangos Alliance [AOM], we kind of saw something unique. I remember the existing nullblocs sending in their diplomats to establish good relations with the newcomers. This was a potential rival for Fraternity, and a lot of leaders saw the chance to cover one of their weakest timezones. The east of Russia and Australia could only provide so many players that often stuck and played together within their timezones.
TEST somewhat won the diplomatic games by basically handing AOM the whole region of Omist they could use to grow. Neighbouring blocs publicly announced to not interfiere for some time allow AOM to build up. Especially Winter Co. members were told to not roam into Omist and focus on fighting the defensive war against Legacy.

AOM later held back to join the ongoing conflict between the two Coalitions for quite a while, but eventually fougth on the side of Legacy. First outside of Detorid, later also within Winter Co. territory. That somewhat removed the advantage of having structure timers deep inside the Chinese timezone for the Fraternity Sov-structures. It might have even been one of the deciding factors leading to Fraternity and their allies finally evacuating from Detorid after months of warring and holding out in the trenches.

New Eden is probably more globalized than it was a few years ago. Fozzie-Sov and structure timers in nullsec sure added too that. Is it a bad thing? I don’t think so.

In fact it’s pretty cool to be more connected with capsuleers from all around the world. It’s one of the things very special to Eve Online. Your goverments may not like each other in the physical world. But in New Eden, it doesn’t matter. You can hang out and have a chat like humans, not like enemies of some kind. In Eve, your nationality doesn’t really matter.
Sure, discussions can get heated when the topics become political. But seeing the perspetive of someone you have built up respect for over the time you spent together is often very enlightening. It may prevent you from just waving some statement away because it was made by some anonymous person on the internet. It may make you think.
The chance to discuss a perspectives with someone outside of my own country is something I otherwise could only experience from travelling abroad. Something I haven’t done for two years now due to a pandemic.

I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what I originally thought about writing, when I made the comment on Jezajas blog. But whatever. My beer is empty, it’s late and I still need to log in and update my market orders for the upcoming Abyssal proving grounds. So that’s it for now. See you in space. o7

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