Recommendation: Popular PvP Frigates Over Time

What frigates were the most popular over time? It changed quite a bit.
There is really not much more to say. For some of you, especially the faction warfare folks, it may be a nice trip down the memory lane.


This made me thing about what my favorite frigate is in Eve. And I came to no final conclusion. But the Kestrel and the Imperial Navy Slicer are very high up on my list. Mostly because I can connect great memories such as these with them.

What is your favorite frigate?


In the “Recommendation” category I share content from the EVE community that I think you should see (or hear), either because it’s great artwork, a cool story, masterful gameplay, or a combination of all of it.

1 thought on “Recommendation: Popular PvP Frigates Over Time”

  1. That is an interesting set of videos, though some of the results surprised me. The combat battlecruiser video has the Gnosis as the top killer for most of the last few years. That must be a low sec thing, because I haven’t seen a Gnosis out in null sec in anything but a meme fleet. Meanwhile, in null it is literally raining Feroxes most days of the week. But if the data source is zKillboard they are probably just counting who got the final blow, so 100 Feroxes may shoot, but only one gets the credit. That is probably why the Drekavac ranks highly towards the end, the continuous damage beam makes it more likely to get a final blow, at least in theory.


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