Recommendation: Solo Interceptor PvP Video by Warcrow

Let this one show you what a solo interceptor is capable of. What makes this video standing out is the time and effort put into effects and explanation of the opponents. You really can take away some knowledge from it!   Via EVE Online forums.   About: In the Recommendation category I share… Continue reading Recommendation: Solo Interceptor PvP Video by Warcrow


How Ships come to Live in EVE Online

Have you ever wondered how the developers, designers and artists at CCP Games creating the machinery we fly? I have collected some videos which give insight into the process of designing the armory at our disposal.


Must watch: Clear Skies

I just found this post in the drafts-section of the blog. Damn my mind that I forgot about that! Homework for you that you read this: WATCH THIS! This little series of videos is gorgeous, amazing, wonderful, lovely, heartwarming, funny, [continue with random list of positive adjectives]. It's made with sooo much heart and love… Continue reading Must watch: Clear Skies