Must watch: Clear Skies

I just found this post in the drafts-section of the blog. Damn my mind that I forgot about that! Homework for you that you read this: WATCH THIS! This little series of videos is gorgeous, amazing, wonderful, lovely, heartwarming, funny, [continue with random list of positive adjectives]. It's made with sooo much heart and love… Continue reading Must watch: Clear Skies

One Month Spreadsheets in Space Stations

Or: Some Tips about Station Trading. This story begins with a piece of hardware I initially bought, to write a blog on. No, not this one.* The piece of hardware  I'm talking about was the Lenovo G580. With it's integrated graphics card, the 4GB RAM and the amazingly powerful Intel i3 processor, running EVE was as smooth… Continue reading One Month Spreadsheets in Space Stations