Taking the Breaks

After Alliance Tournament XVII was over, I did not touch Eve for almost three months before I actually undocked and did stuff in New Eden again.

Taking breaks from Eve is normal. And many people think it’s “forever” when they lose the motivation to play. But for many, it doesn’t end like that. Eventually, the itch comes back. Some pick up where they left off, some start fresh and get up to speed, some don’t.

It’s again after the AT. Number XVIII this time. And our team, Lock Range Enjoyers made fourth place. After the tournament I joined Dirt‘n‘Glitter to give the new Faction Warfare mechanics a try but… motivation to actually undock and do stuff is low. Very low.

Did I Quit?

No. Not yet. It’s just another break again. And when the itch comes back in a month, or two, or four, or whenever, I‘ll come back swinging. I’ll have an alt that can finally fly a dread and lots of plans and ideas in the drawer. I just need some different game mechanics for the moment.

People have this idea that you have a MMO and you play that one for years.

It rarely works out like that. […]

Taking a brake is not a bad thing. […] all your stuff will be here still and you will not need to grind any thing to get back up to speed.


gotemike said that already pretty well, I think. And I have little to add. But here is a tip from another player I want to second:

Pack up your far flung assets or sell them off to convert them to isk so you’re ready to move into whatever you want to do when you come back.


Some also say invest some of these liquid ISK in PLEX before you fully go afk.

Inspired by this post on r/Eve.

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