Curios Search Terms

You probably knew that this blog runs with a WordPress CMS. This also means some of the things users type into the search of this blog get recorded anonymously. I can only see the string of words searched for, nothing more.
Most people are looking for “eve mobile phone wallpaper” or some combination. Or guides on drones and salvaging. And I’m pretty sure they have found something here. But there are also curious individuals who look for very weird things. I have picked a few of these weirder ones and want to comment on them.

honeys in greybill

I have no idea what that person was looking for. I even consulted the urban dictionary if it was some local slang, but couldn’t find anything that would make sense in eve. Maybe it was a typo and they were looking for “moneys”? 🤨
If you have an idea what that could mean, let me know in the comments.

the grey bill eve blog

Hey, congratulations, you found it! No need to keep searching.

best alpha savage ship

Probably a typo and they were looking for the best “salvage ship”. But to answer the question regardless, the most savage alpha ship you can fly is in my opinion the Stabber. In PvP this one can kite, it can brawl and 5 mil SP are enough to get a solid shield tank, navigation skills, and good turret skills for T2 autocannons.

eve baiting blops vonhole

Uh oh… someone is on a dangerous path here! Also a bit dangerous seems the next one:

eve online ship kinky images

Excuse me what? 😬
But of course, I can try to help out here. Fellow blogger Jezaja has a post about rule 34 & Eve (in German though). And there is also an artist on Twitter @evemoedesu, who takes inspiration from Eve to make “ship girls”. Idk, but maybe that is up this user’s alley.

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