With Pando In Pochven

Yesterday I finally found the time to join a Pando-fleet. We were flying Drekavacs as mainline DPS with Guardians for Logi. Flying logi proved to be somewhat of a challenge. We got into some fights and most of us made it out alive. But this is not an AAR. This post is about a very special buff.

Dazh Luminality Locus

Pochven has a unique weather effect called the “Dazh Luminality Locus” that improves both remote shield and armor reps by 25%, but at the same time reduces your maximum locked targets by 50%. This can be a problem for logistic ships that want to utilize their bonus on capacitor transfers by creating a cap chain.

Locking Issues

Usually, you would go “one up one down” to give and receive capacitor from other logi pilots and allow you to keep all your modules running. A lone Guardian or Basilisk fitted to be flown with a buddy is capped out very quickly attempting to repair alone.

The default lock range of a Basilisk is 10 targets. In bigger fleets, this allows having a row of so-called snowflakes locked up. A snowflake is a ship that fulfills special roles: Like Command Ships and Command Destroyers, long-range webs from a Huginn or Loki, or tackle from a Lachesis. And of course, you want to have your FC locked up and potential squishy targets, like T1 hulls that are less sturdy than the rest of the fleet.
The Pochven-buff reduced these 10 targets down to 5. Of which almost always at least two are taken up by the most important ships that just can not die or things fall apart. So there are three slots left for regular logi business to happen. Can you solve this problem with fitting?

CCP Round Strikes Again!

There are modules that can increase the maximum targets locked: Auto Targeting Systems for the high-slot adds another +3 targets, and Signal Ampilifers for the low-slot add another +2. Of course, you can’t really sacrifice a low-slot on a Guardian.

So the question arose: Does the Dazh Luminality Locus buff apply before or after these fitted modules are considered by the game? I went to the Singularity Test-Server and had a look, so you don’t have to. Here are the results:

6 maximum locked targets with Dazh Luminality Locus-buff and 1x Auto Targeting System II fitted.
6 maximum locked targets with Dazh Luminality Locus-buff and 1x Signal Amplifier II fitted.

The answer is: First modules, then buff. Also, the +3 targets get rounded down to only +1. A nice side effect of the Signal Amplifier is an additionally increased Sensor Strength. Very nice when you face ECM-heavy opponents.


The Pochven-buff reduces the effect of Auto Targeting System II to +1 target, Signal Amplifier II to +1 target as well;

Fun fact: the /moveme-command does not seem to work in Pochven.

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