Presenting: Lock Range Enjoyers [EWAR]

Some legends at CCP have managed to apply next-level reverse time dilation on CCP-internal bureaucracy to get our meme alliance logo into the game before the Alliance Tournament XVIII is happening in November. ❤

If you are looking for my team in the tournament, look for Lock Range Enjoyers [EWAR].
For some crazy reason, that ticker wasn’t taken yet.

Lock Range Enjoyers [EWAR] Alliance-Logo in 2560px
Lock Range Enjoyers [EWAR] Logo in 2560px

The logo is featuring two ships as a play on this year’s tournament rules which allow scripted Sensor Dampeners. And because the Celestis-hulls haven’t gotten their well-deserved redesign yet and still look like a miscarried H.R. Geiger concept, we chose the much sleeker looking Keres-hull to represent our group of semi-tryhards.

If you didn’t know, CCP applies their own filter to logos sent to them for in-game use. That way it becomes legally a “new” image that is safe for the company to use as an asset.
I admit this applied filter in-game looks a bit different than what I imagined in my mock-ups. In retrospect, I might have filled out the Keres with solid black and increased the width of the outlines. Still. Pretty dope.

Logo in game.
Logo in game.

Thanks CCP! I couldn’t imagine it was possible, but I’m hyped even more for the AT now.

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