NFT: Not for Tranquility

Given there is less than a month until Fanfest 2022 is taking place in Iceland, this is addressing major concern of the community. The announcements during Alliance Tournament XVII in 2021 and the extremely short notice they were shared with the public left many worrying about what might happen next.


Screenshot from 2022-04-12

During the tournament CCP automatically generated images from killmails happening in the matches and minted those into the Tezos blockchain. Players who dealt the final blow could then claim ownership of these NFTs. There were also attempts to incentive trade, seemingly not very successful.

This weekend, the first 10 sellers of their NFT will receive an additional 20 tez, effective as of NOW!

CCP Paragon on reddit.

The traded volume is rather unimpressive: Currently, the collection on produced a trading-volume of only 26 Tezos. One Tezos is currently worth ~2,79 Euros. An older screenshot I made of the page in December 2021 shows that the volume has not changed since then. Looks like not many cared.

NFT stands for “Not for Tranquility”.

Hilmar Pétursson

Releasing such a statement also seems like a good idea in the light of recent news. Media reports of the last months did shift away from curiosity about this newly hyped thing called “NFTs”, more towards the sentiments of the technology being repulsed by communities confronted with it. Reports about one of the most prominent examples for blockchain-based games, Axie Infinity, getting hacked surely did not help painting a positive picture. Around the same time, Ubisoft announced to stop working on updates for Ghost Recon Breakpoint which is one of the few games that allows for trade with NFT-items. One can find many similar news like that on the ironically named site

Manic Velocity visualizing what many thought about the Alliance Tournament NFTs.

My 2 Cents

CCP officially ruling out blockchain technology making it into Tranqulity within the “foreseeable future” is as good as news in that regard can be. It will prevent many questions that would no doubt have been asked during fanfest on round-panels, stage discussions, and in Icelandic bars. For now, we can stop being worried about it.

And from a companies perspective it would be dumb to make a promise of never ever. When it comes to selling skill points and ships for cash, CCP is still and rightfully accused of making promises they did not keep.
However, I agree with Hilmar on blockchain-technology still needing to find it’s niche. Like all technology, it’s not the tech itself that’s bad, but how people use it. Or pretend to.
Maybe one day there will be something to be gained by adding a blockchain to Eve Online. But for now, and especially in the form of NFTs, there is no valid use-case.

I’m glad CCP put this out now, but wish they had done it way sooner.

You can read the whole text below.

CCP CEO @HilmarVeigar regarding NFTs, cryptocurrencies and the future of EVE Online. Released on 2022-04-11.

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