Free Superluminal Pack on the Epic Games Store

This pack includes a set of apparel for male and female characters as well as four SKINs for each of the four Empires exploration frigates.

For now it is only available until the 7. April 2022 in the Epic Games store.

Here is how to get the items on your current Eve Online account:

  1. Have/Make a free account for the Epic Games store.
  2. Get the game for free in the Epic Games launcher. Just go to the page in the store and click install.
  3. A small download may be required to connect your current installation with the Epic Games client.
  4. Also get the Superluminal Pack in the “Add-Ons” category for free.
  5. Launch the game via the Epic Games client.
  6. A new account called “EPIC:[RANDOM_NUMBER]” should appear in the Eve-launcher.
  7. Start the game with that new account.
    (You may need to login with the E-Mail you used for your Epic Games account & password)
  8. Create a new character (I recommend Caldari if you want to spawn close to Jita)
  9. Start the game with the new character.
    Optional: skip intro video and tutorial (There should be an option in the ESC-Menu), or play through it if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s rather fancy.
  10. Optional: before redeeming items you could fly over to Jita so you don’t have the risk of shipping them. If you redeemed the items too soon, you can also put them on the character, fly the character over to where you want and “undress” it again.
  11. Dock up, redeem items and contract them to your character of choice.
  12. Optional: Look fancy 🔥 or sell for many I💲K.

Note: When you start the game via CCPs launcher the Epic-account with the random number should not be shown anymore.

2 thoughts on “Free Superluminal Pack on the Epic Games Store”

    1. Sell-Orders for the Jackets are at around 80mil+, Pants for ~30mil and Glasses between 35 and 50mil. But prices will likely go slowly up over time.


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