Tribute to the Kestrel

In honor of the recently ascended CCP Kestrel, I went on a mission. It led me deep down into the dark chambers of a forgotten starbase. A little drone follwing me around, shining it’s light on the dusty drawers. Staples of ancient documentiation of battles the world had long forgotten. My way led me past the occassional deathclone of once famous Fleet Commanders. Someone had them picked up after those battles. Eventually, and in a especially dark corner, I found what I was looking for. Of all places it could be, it was under an outstandingly ugly stuffed Fedo.

The dead creature was sitting on a replica of a Giant Secure Container, like it was supposed to guard its contents: Recodings of Manic Velocity’s Holonet streams. Somewhere in between these gems of capsuleer-culture where a few different holo disks.
These discs held some old and grainy recordings of my own adventures with the mightiest frigate of the Caldari State.

Giveaway Time!

What is your favorite T1 Frigate in the game, and why is it the Kestrel? Give me your answer in the comments for the chance to win a Kestrel Scope Syndication SKIN!
Make sure to sign with your Eve character name or use an E-Mail-address you actually use, otherwise I can’t deliver the code to you.

Update 2022-04-09: SKINs have been sent out. Congratulations to the lucky winners & thanks for commenting.

Thanks to Jezaja for sponsering these SKINs.


8 thoughts on “Tribute to the Kestrel”

  1. The Kestrel is awesome and an absolutely great damage dealer but I just can’t get over the Condor’s looks. It’s just too good, I love it and it’s sleek profile.


  2. Fav frig def Kestrel, if you fly it with some nirvanas in lowsec its an absolute menace. Good for frig roams too!


  3. After flying a dualprop armor Kestrel, I’ve been a solid convert. Catching kiters and scram kiting brawlers is way too fun.

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  4. Thanks for the video, Bill.

    I like fits with a surprise factor, so things like a kiting Punisher, or a dual-web Atron are my cup of tea. However, a Kestrel is also nice, I regard her as one of the most universal T1 frigs.


  5. I love the kestrel, it can make such a good scram kiter or kiter. I fly it almost all day long in FW.


  6. Kestrel was one of the first ships I really enjoyed back when I started playing. Rifter was a close second, but the kestrel just felt more right.


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