Adios 2021

Another year is ending. Time to look back and be greateful for all the good stuff.

Below I have picked my three personal highlights of the year. It was a tough choice, but here they are:

  1. Small Gang PvP
    My one year anniversary recap of joining Strix Ridens.
  2. The Lowsec Gate to Stain
    The terrible grind of getting my name on the in-game monument of the Staingate.
  3. Memories of a Mercenary – ATXVII
    And how we made it to the fourth place of the Alliance Tournament XVII with a ragtag band of mercenaries.
A line with still untapped Meme-potential.

But of course there was much more happening this year. I also won a little tournament for the first time in my career, which I’m still a bit proud of. Meanwhile, Goonswarm kept fighting off PAPI down in Delve and content dried up a little for us small gang folk.

Then the Nullification Changes happenend and made many in the community shake their heads.

At first I was like (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
But then I was like ( •̀ ω •́ )

Nullification Changes from a Small Gang Interceptor POV: Inconvenient

In the end it made flying my beloved blingy Malediction not that great anymore. Now that I think about it, I stopped flying the ship almost completely – for more than one reason.

Later in the year CSM 16 was elected. Sadly, the nullblocs dominate this turn again, but some of the low sec people got great numbers as well. Maybe in CSM 17, when a bunch of the “old guard” can not run anymore, we will see some change here.

And then during the Alliance Tournament, CCP put my face into a block chain via some silly NFTs. I guess my capsuleer is truely immortal now… but wait. That would imply it’s a living thing. And the NFT isn’t… Ah, let’s not go down that route, shall we? That’s something for another post. For now, let’s look at some numbers.


This year I published 37 posts on and increased my total word count per post from 24.000 to 28.900, and apparently I managed to distrubute my words a bit better too. How nice.

I got just about 27.000 visitors this year. A bit more than 2020, but not much. This would be btw the metric CCP decides, if they let you in on their Partner Program: 5.000 monthly visitors are required for a blog to become partner. Less for sites publishing in other languages.

Seems like I can currently only pull half of that. Could I change that? Sure, I could write more guides and spam my posts to reddit like some do. Or publish low quality, add a click bait title and throw it into Facebook groups for the clicks. Would it be enough? Maybe. But what for?

To PLEX my account? No, I would have to work on the blog for it. It would force me to write something, anything. Even if I don’t feel like it or don’t actually have anything to tell. And that creates conflict with my credo of quality over quanity.
I started this blog as a creative space: To show artsy things, state opinions, tell stories.

So that’s my goal for 2022: To remember that, and stand by it. Keep quality high, and make cool stuff that’s worth sharing.

Happy New Year


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