‘Killmails’ in a Blockchain

One day before the Alliance Tournament XVII, CCP announced that they teamed up with Tezos to create NFTs (non-fundgible tokens) from the killmails of the tournament.

During the EVE Online Alliance Tournament, Kill Certificate NFTs will be generated for those who die in battle. The character who delivers the final blow will be able to claim the Kill Certificate, which players will then be able to trade and collect.

Participants of the tournament who will land the killing blow on a ship will be able to claim their token & image afterwards by logging in with their Eve-account on an extra created website.

For the Logi

You can also boundry violate and get a NFT that will be ‘immortalizing’ your Harakiri in the name of the blockchain. This was confirmed by CCP Fleebix.

So, after the tournament, some pilots may decide to sell their killmail-images of the Alliance Tournament XVII on objkt.com, which is Tezos’ biggest market place for NFTs based on their blockchain. On it, you can also find such exquisite quality work like this one. Hm.

For any second-hand transaction CCP will receive a 10% royalty.

CCP Fleebix

While NFTs can have an actual use as certificate of ownership, like over a barrel of expensive whisky, O.K. But I fail to see any value in this variant. If at all, these ‘killmails’ will have idealistic value. Like an image of a holiday one likes to remember. And I can see the point of that. After all, I write a blog to memorize my own story of playing Eve.

And with the risk of looking ignorant by saying this, but I don’t think you need to put an image of a killmail into a blockchain to remember that you took part in an AT.

I also would not go that far to call this machine generated images actual ‘art’. If you want to twist your brain about the question what art is and is not in the context of Eve Online a bit more, you can have a longer read on the topic at iskaverse.com. In the latest post the author explores the idea of a battlereport being art. And he makes some good arguments on the topic. Although, the images CCP is planning to create are very, very far away from what is discussed there.

No Way to Opt Out

There is also one important aspect Rixx Javix brought up on his blog: The players can not opt out of this without not participating in the tournament. Doing that would effectively mean to leave your team hanging. You don’t do that when you have spend months practicing for this. As a result, this has a forced feeling to it. Announcing this only a day beforehand only adds to this.

I am disappointed that this has now entered our community. I’m disappointed that we have no method for opting out of this activity if we wanted to. It is totally out of our control.

Rixx Javix

I’ll have to agree with Rixx on this one. Had I the option, I would have probably opted out of having my capsuleers name into some random blockchain I do not care for at all. But as is, it will remain in there forever, if I like it or not.

Enough of that. Let me sum up my opninion on this whole topic with something fitting into our Zeitgeist, a meme:

If you want to see me in the tournament tomorrow, look for Nora Maldoran flying for Local is Primary as mercenary. Our first match is planned for 21:15 UTC.

UPDATE 2021-11-06; 21:57:

UDATE 2021-11-09

Another Hilmar-Tweet. Interesting to see what accounts did retweet this. Most seem to be from the crypto-bubble. But at the moment I’m typing this, I could not identify one that seemed to related to Eve or even CCP.

7 thoughts on “‘Killmails’ in a Blockchain”

    1. Thanks. We analyzed the match afterwards and identified some crucial mistake that probably did cost us the match. But with the bans as they were plus the comp Hydra brought, it was a tough fight in any case.


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