Minmatar Liberation Games 2021

Firstly, watch this trailer. In fullscreen. With sound. And headphones on, if you have.

I don’t know about you, but I think that one is preeeeeeeety epic.

Choosing a Tribe

2022 UPDATE: SKINs for the 2022 Event

Between 2021-07-08 and 2021-07-20 you will be greeted by an info-pop-up after you login to Eve. This leads into the Agency, where you can decide what tribe you want to participate for in the event. Lore-wise this event is like some friendly olympics kind of competition between the seven tribes of the Minmatar Republic. Before you chose you can read up a bit more about the tribes if you want – or just chose the one who gives you the Skins you like the most. But just in case, here is a short overview on them. Here is the tl;dr: which I recklessly stole from the Dev-Blog.

  • Brutor – A disciplined yet strong-willed people that consider themselves the defenders of all Minmatar.
  • Sebiestor – Emphasizing practical skills, the Sebiestor are known far and wide as engineers and inventors.
  • Vherokior – Mystics of this tribe are the guardians of the Voluval Ritual and travel immense distances.
  • Thukker – Nomadic and fiercely independent, the Thukker travel the stars in Great Caravans of spaceships.
  • Krusual – The only tribe that was not totally conquered by the Amarr, their pride is infamous among the Minmatar.
  • Nefantar – A tribe split between those who remain loyal to the Amarr and those who returned to their homelands.
  • Starkmanir – Few in number and once thought lost forever, the Starkmanir are a symbol of survival for all.
Search results in the SKINs-Tab for “Sebiestor”.

How do you check the Skins before choosing a tribe? You can just type the names into the search at the top left and check the results for the skins. Easy as that.

From the accumulated points in the Agency-window, you will be able actually collect Skins of the faction you chose from for the following ships:

  • Reaper
  • Breacher
  • Republic Fleet Firetail
  • Rupture
  • Stabber Fleet Issue
  • Hurricane Fleet Issue
  • Tempest Fleet Issue
A preview of the Republic Fleet Firetail with the Nefantar-Skin.

The ‘P’ in PvE stands for Points!

After you have chosen your tribe, how do you get those points? As you will see in the Agency there are a bunch of ways to accumulate those points. For a bunch of people, the obvious may be the combat sites. Of course there is a twist:

Yes, that means no Gilas, no Stratios’ and no Cynabals or any pirate faction cruiser of the like.

Wait? You don’t want to spend 300 to 500 million ISK on a Navy Cruiser like some fancy streamers use them? Pah!

If you want to go full lowsec PvE in this event, Erstschlag made the guide for it.

But if you don’t want to invest that much ISK, you can use a much cheaper alternative – at least in highsec.* I present to you, the mighty Rupture!

[Rupture, HighSec Stabber Fleet Alternative]
Multispectrum Energized Membrane II
Multispectrum Energized Membrane II
Medium Armor Repairer II
Gyrostabilizer II
Reactive Armor Hardener

Large Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
Stasis Webifier II
10MN Afterburner II
Tracking Computer II

425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II

Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Explosive Armor Reinforcer I
Medium Projectile Burst Aerator I

Hornet II x4
Vespa II x1

Barrage M x1000
Optimal Range Script x1
Tracking Speed Script x1
Republic Fleet Depleted Uranium M x1500
Republic Fleet Fusion M x5000
Hail M x3000
Nanite Repair Paste x100

Of course, you can not quite expect this T1 cruiser to be as effective as a Navy one, but you are only paying 50-60 million ISK for this little rustbucket.

Here is how you fly it in PvE: Preload Republic Fleet Fusion as default ammunition against smaller targets like firgates and load the Tracking Speed Script to deal with them quickly. Remove the scramming NPCs from the site asap, so you could warp out if there is an emergency. Then destroy the webbing tower, if there has spawned one so you can actually move around in the site. Everything should be within tracking range of your guns.

The NPCs will switch targets a lot. Either to other players, or to your drones. Pay very close attention to them and recall them often. In case of the Inquisitor NPCs, you can use this to your advantage: The Inquisitors, will orbit their current target at 12km. They will deal not that much damage and mostly apply E-War. But while they orbit one of your drones, you may be albe to get close enough to them to apply your web on them. Because you can only heat your web for that long.

With CCP deliberately designing the ships to change targets often, flying in groups of two or three is probably the most efficient thing to do. And then you can probably use the Rupture fit above in lowsec too.

You can also refit the Rupture rather easy for PvP, if you are up for it.**

Another tip: Don’t warp out of the site immediatly after the last Prophecy is dead. Stay around for a minute, there is a chance for another boss to spawn.


If you rather go out and scan a little, you can do so as well and earn your points. The data sites for the Event can be found in all of Minmatar space – except the Faction Warfare areas.

The image above shows the loot of one data site with three cans from lowsec. Doesn’t look like much? Hold on a moment. See these golden thingies called “Liberation Games Reward Token”? There are NPC-buy orders up in pretty much every Minmatar station that will take those tokens off of you for 100.000 ISK. So the image above is actually ~4m + 270×100.000 ISK.
Around 30 million is a pretty decent reward for scanning down a data site and hacking three cans. Took me ~10 minutes. If you can avoid to get pvp’d, you might make some solid ISK here.

The cool part by participating in the event as explorer, is that you can also tick off the boxes for the “race-track”. In those tasks you can gain points by moving around New Eden and visiting significant locations of Minmatar lore. Maybe don’t pick the most direct route and scan along the way a little, and you will make lots of points in no time.


Be fancy, go mining!

Hold on, that’s really not as boring as it may sound at first.
The cool thing here is that you will also gather Loyalty Points (LP) for the Republic Fleet Ordnance-LP store. There, you can get even more fancy Skins and apparell – for example the cool jacket Bossman Shakor is wearing in the trailer. 😎

If you want to know more about how to run those sites in princible, you can check out this blog post about the previous event:

Stargate Traiblazers Event

Inlcuding video and fittings. In the mining sites you will actually confront the regular Angel NPCs instead of Amarrian ones you might expect from the combat sites. So rather fit for Explosive/Kinetic damage instead of EM/Thermal.

P.S.: The most efficient way to generate points is to do all of the four tasks as the first couple attempts will generate the most points. After that they become a bit repetitive. But by then you should know which of the things you liked most and can probably stand that grind.

And now go out there and make the tribes proud, capsuleer!


*Only tested and successfully ran in highsec sites. Enter sites in other space at own risk!
**The author does not accept any responsability if the reader should experience the loss of assets, ISK, and/or pride during PvP interaction in the online video game EVE Online.

NOTE: For the sake of publishing this post as soon as possible and help as many capsuleers as possible, there may be some typos and not a 100% perfect information. But I’m confident you can figure out the details by yourself. You are strong and independet capsuleer after all. Right?

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