Stargate Trailblazers Event – How to Get the Good Stuff

2022-03-09 Update for the Mining Blitz event: A proven Endurance fitting for Gallente sites.

2021-09-02 Update for the Caldari Union Day: Two Adjusted fits to solo ‘Limited‘ and ‘Minor‘ sites with. You can find sites in the constellations of Umamon, Okomon, and Santenpaa.

2021-05-28 Update at the bottom: You can actually solo level 3 sites as well.

I really liked the first implementation of the Resource Wars sites. Figuring out how to run them solo with a Prospect was good fun and also profitable. And I say that as someone who absolutely can’t stand the classic mining, where you just sit in a belt and chill. The current event sites require some well considered positioning, movement and module management to run them efficiently. Of course, you also need the right tool(s) for it.

If you knew the previous Resource Wars sites, you may like the summary of the changes from the official forum post by CCP Fozzie:

  • The rewards have been rebalanced completely. This includes improved ISK/LP rewards from the sites themselves and a complete reworking of the resource wars corporation LP stores which now directly provide permanent skins and clothing items.
  • The ship faction restrictions and standing restrictions have been removed from all mining expedition sites.
  • New variations of the Imperial expeditions have been created that include Sansha enemies
  • Various minor bug fixes

After two evenings, I want to share my first impressions and strategies of how to run them.

First Attempt: Dual-Boxing Limited sites with Ventures

The Limited Mining Expeditions allow up to three pilots flying corvettes and frigates (including the Venture)

Dual-boxing the Limited sites with two Ventures was quite possible. I was able to tank the two Sansha’s frigates that make your life a bit more difficult in there, but it requires a lot of actions per minute (APM) to do. I found my light drones not enough to deal with the Sansha’s before the time limit of the site ran out. Bringing a dedicated combat ship that can keep up with the fast moving frigates (~1200 m/s) may be of more use here. Another problem I found while flying the Venture was it’s limited locking range. You want to split up your characters within the site to be the most efficient. But sending drones to the appropriate NPCs is impossible if you can’t even lock far enough. The drones also seemed have trouble to focus down one NPC. It might have been coincidence, but it felt to me like they were randomly switching targets after a while.

Instead of combat drones, logistic drones could be a better strategy in that case. Assign them to each Venture right after entering the site and tank happily ever after. I did not test this yet. Maybe the shield bots get targeted by the NPCs, which would render this technique somewhat invalid.

Second Attempt: Dual-Boxing Minor sites with Ventures

The Minor Mining Expeditions allow up to four pilots flying corvettes, frigates, and expedition frigates

The Phantasm sometimes get’s off lucky shots – I wouldn’t recommend passive tanks for that reason.

I actually managed to complete one of those on the first day. But barely and it was pretty rough. The single cruiser NPC alongside the two frigates did quite some damage to my Ventures. I had to warp out both characters to a nearby station to replenish their passive shield tanks – but before you can do that, you need to drop off the ore you mined! Because if you warp out of the site, the ore gets just deleted from your hold. I presume space magic. Of course that’s in place to make the timer matter. Which by the way starts ticking pretty loud after only two minutes are left.


This is the most important tip I can give you when running these sites. Apart from decent positioning being mandatory, you do not want to let your mining lasers cycle finish! Depending on your skills and fitting, you only need to let the cycle go between 40 and 60% before the asteroid will be depleted, even on a Venture. Every second you keep mining after that is wasted time. End the cycle of your miners rather a bit sooner than later until you figured out the sweet spot for your fit and skills.

Sweet gold for a stressful dual-boxerino.

As a consequence to this, you want to have quite a bit of spare capacitor. Mining lasers eat up a lot of cap on activation. That becomes problematic on a Venture when you also want to run your mid slots to tank a bit.

The actual ore per rock will likely change in the higher tier sites. But worth to keep in mind if you want to see that pretty golden icon in the popup!

Experimental Venture Fitting

If you want to use a Venture, here is a necessary cap-stabale fit that will likely work well in Limited and maybe Minor Mining Expedition sites. Change drones according to NPCs you may shoot and if you multi-boxing or fly with others, consider using shield maintenance bots instead of combat drones.
And keep in mind: This is an experimental fit. You have been warned – don’t blame me if you go poof. 💥

[Venture, EVENTURE]
Capacitor Power Relay II

1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Small Cap Battery II
Medium Clarity Ward Enduring Shield Booster

EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser
EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser

Small EM Shield Reinforcer I
Small EM Shield Reinforcer I
Small Thermal Shield Reinforcer I

Acolyte II x2

Nanite Repair Paste x30
Inertial Stabilizers II x1

Interim Conclusion

Not that easy to dual-box and surely not your classical relaxed mining. If you have practice multi-boxing scenarios like Abyssal pockets, you likely have an edge here. But if you are used to fleet warping into a belt and managing your five characters ore holds while sitting still, you may have trouble completing these sites even with just two accounts. The movement and cycling of modules pushes the APM pretty high, pretty quickly.

I have had only a short look at the higher level sites. But to me, it seems like your mining fleet need either to be in Procurers to tank and kill the NPCs inside efficiently or bring a combat dedicated ship to deal with them.

Third Attempt: Dual-Boxing Minor sites with Prospect and Punisher

First I repurposed an old Punisher that was getting dusty in my hangar. It was the attempt to get rid of the Sansha’s frigates that pressured the tank on my mining vessel. But it was just too slow to keep up with the NPCs! Being kited by rats… what a time to be alive! The Punisher could not punish a single frigate before a lowsec pirate in his shiny Dramiel put and end to it’s misery. My Prospect made it out safely in the meantime.

Why I was running them in lowsec you ask? Because it’s the only place you can find unoccupied sites! All those risk averse miners don’t dare to venture into lowsec with their stabbed ships. Yes there was Phobos on one gate. But with below 3s align-time, that wasn’t an issue.

Fourth Attempt: Dual-Boxing Minor sites with Prospect and Wolf

After the Punisher I planned on swapped to the Wolf, which was fast enough to keep up with the rats and would tank them perfectly well with his high native resists against EM and Thermal damage. Or so I thought.
Sadly a Wolf can not enter a Minor site. Only T1, Faction, and Expedtion Frigates are allowed here.

But the Prospect could pull do the job quite easily alone. Here is the fit:

[Prospect, Minor Miner]
Mining Laser Upgrade II
Mining Laser Upgrade II
Damage Control II
Capacitor Power Relay II

Small Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
Medium Clarity Ward Enduring Shield Booster
5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive

EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser
EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

Small EM Shield Reinforcer II
Small Capacitor Control Circuit II

Nanite Repair Paste x60
Inertial Stabilizers II x4

And then I actually made a Video

Dualboxing two characters, switching between them every 20 seconds, ensuring tank and minig lasers did the right things while flying in the right driection, not bumping somewhere, was overall a bit too stressful for my taste. So I downgraded to one character in a Prospect. And here is a video of it.

Making Bank

This part will be a bit of a gamble. The most important reward of these sites will probably not be the direct ISK you get for completion, but the Loyalty Points (LP). The adjusted LP stores sell apparel items and ships skins. Ranging from 10.000 LP for a Frigate skin up to 50.000 for a Battleship one. If you hoped for skins for your faction ships, you will be disappointed. Only T1 ships are there – for now. I personally ran Amarr sites to maybe get my hands on the Omen skin for myself.

If you want to look up the skins in game, you can search for the their respective Material Names:

Fleeting Up

… will be necessary if you want to run the higher tier sites. Just looking at the preconditions you can tell, that a lone Prospect will hardly mine that ammount within the given time. The math just doesn’t check out. But if you bring a friend, you can probably pull off level 3 sites. If you can tank them that is.
At that point, you probably also want a ship that can deal with the NPCs. Or, since level three is up for Barges get the Procurers going.

Four Procurers in a site can get pretty dangerous for a lone cruiser – because with the limit on people pers site, more wont be able to warp in there! 😈 Get creative, and maybe even get some killmails.

Level 3: 30k ore, 12 minutes – what the pop-up doesn’t tell you: only five ships are allowed.

Preconditions of all sites:

  • The Limited Mining Expeditions allow up to three pilots flying corvettes and frigates (including the Venture)
    • 10k Ore, 12 Minutes
  • The Minor Mining Expeditions allow up to four pilots flying corvettes, frigates, and expedition frigates
    • 20k Ore, 10 Minutes
  • The Standard Mining Expeditions allow up to five pilots flying corvettes, frigates, expedition frigates, destroyers, cruisers, and mining barges
    • 30k Ore, 12 Minutes
  • The Major Mining Expeditions allow up to six pilots flying corvettes, frigates, expedition frigates, destroyers, cruisers, mining barges, battlecruisers, and exhumers
    • 40k Ore, 12 Minutes
  • The Critical Mining Expeditions allow up to seven pilots flying corvettes, frigates, expedition frigates, destroyers, cruisers, mining barges, battlecruisers, exhumers, and battleships
    • 50k Ore, 14 Minutes
Rewards per site and their possible bonus, if you complete them fast enough.

P.S.: Be aware of cloaked Kikimoras.

Fifth Attempt: Soloing Standard sites with Endurance (Update)

Passive tanked. It’s super cheap, and it just works. With a big thanks to u/SyfaOmnis who kind of pushed me to try this ship by just mentioning it.

What I can not recommend is to give the ship active hardeners. You just run out of cap. The reason is the huge mining yield you get from the bonuses of the hull. You only need to cycle your mining laser for about ~20% to deplete an asteroid! Of course, better skills help too. But the real advantage here is that it basically halfs your target management, relocking and activating/deactivating modules. This helped me a lot with keeping my posistioning in line.

Here is the fitting, adjust hardeners according to NPC type that’s shooting you.

[Endurance, Standard Miner]
Damage Control II
Mining Laser Upgrade II
Shield Power Relay II

5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Medium Shield Extender II
EM Shield Amplifier II
EM Shield Amplifier II

Miner II
[Empty High slot]
Prototype Cloaking Device I

Small Core Defense Field Purger I
Small Core Defense Field Purger I

Hornet EC-300 x3
Light Shield Maintenance Bot I x3

Inertial Stabilizers II x1
Nanofiber Internal Structure II x1

The Interia Stab and Nanofiber included in the fit are of course for travelling.

I also briefly tried to run a Major site, but the Nightmares in there hit a bit too hard. Luckily I had the Amarr skin on to add on the armor tank. 😛

What do you think? Useless addition or potential for fun? I would love to read your views on “Resource Wars 2.0” in the comments.

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