Today I ruined my Security Status

I’m about to go afk with my wireles headset on to make myself some last-minute tea. It’s going to be a red berry one with a nice pile of sugar. 😎
While I pour water into the cooker I’m listening to the fellow Germans talking about how a joke became an actual thing. From previous community events, a lot of donated ISK had been accumulated that needed spending. And taking A Band Aparts Frigate Free for All as an inspiration, they decided to make something like it happen for their community.

The water starts boiling and I’m opening the drawer to look for the tea. The mood on comms is overal cheerfull and full of anticipation. Until someone asks if he can bring his Drake.
Sudden silence.
I almost can hear people think: Was that a joke?
A tumblweed is blown through my eardrums.
I hear an imaginary cricket starting to chirp in the back of my mind.
A there! My tea was trying to hide behind a pack of fusili.

As I come back with the hot mug in my hand the premise of the night is about to be declared:
Trade characters in MotD for ships, warp to Arena-Bookmarks and blow each other up!
If something shows up that’s not in fleet: go kill it!
If something bigger than a frigate shows up: go kill it!
Also shout out to who ever made those bookmarks and did the logistics for this. As far as I could tell, we did not run out of anything during almost four hours of making spaceships explode.

A little highlight was the CCP Community Team showing up as well. CCP Aurora, CCP Convict and the neweset member of the team, CCP Swift took the time to pew pew alongside of us, before they had to make a run to be timely on Pando’s FC Chat on Twitch.

Speaking of Twitch: Everything got streamed by Neovenator. Of course, a handfull of chaotic neutrals showed up as well trying to disturb the free for all – but mostly got chased around by all the T1 frigates. Although the figates had no tackle modules outside of webs, the disturbers managed to get killed more than once.

Shooting people “unprovoked” in lowsec might have had some negative effect on my security status. But who looks at that anyway, right? So instead of being concerned about that, check out some fancy screenshots.

If yout want to join in on such in events in the future, keep an eye out for this thread in the official forums. Or join the DEUComm Discord. Fair warning: There may be Germans. 🇩🇪

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