Friday Frigate Fights 2021

You know Eve-Mail? Yes, that antiquated copy-cat of E-Mail, but in Eve. It’s still great if you want to reach an equally antiquated audience like me. So shout-out to the people maintaining and sending out on the Eve-Mailing lists of New Eden. You rock!

Anyhow. It was one of those Eve-Mails that informed me of another 1v1 Navy Frig Tournament hosted by G-Fleet folk. Nice. I added the date to my phones calender and forgot about it.

Said Friday arrived and without the notification on my phone, I probably would have forgotten about it. I rushed home and arrived only half an hour before the tournament was scheduled. I grabbed some food, logged in and podded myself to Jita. While I dusted of my good old Blockade Runner named “Toffel”, I had the very first look on the given fittings. At the time I didn’t know ships would be actually handed out.

Me, cruising in anicipation of a great weekend at some relaxed 8AU/s.

I bought the modules for two Imperial Navy Slicers since I had the hulls lying around and then made a very good choice: I picked up a Republic Fleet Firetail that had gotten a new fit. Other than last time with Autocannos, the Firetail now sported 250mm Arties. With that, I might be able to kite better than with the Navy Slicer last time. Artillery turrets have a nice fall-off you can play within and their actual optimal of ~6600m would also punish anything that managed to get close. But with the base speed of the Firetail, neither Hookbill nor Comet should get on top of you that easily.

I threw the Firetail beside the two Slicers into my Prorators cargohold and set route.

The original plan was to test out the performance of the Arty-Firetail in the placement-match. Sadly for me, my partner for the match did not show up. It was an automatic win, but also meant I had no chance to practice. I felt really rusty after not having played an awful lot lately.

This time, I recorded all of my matches, so here they are from my perspective.

I may not have gotten the purple, but what really counts is that I got the corpse of Jezaja’s alt. An artifact of great power of which we know that it can in fact hold ships together!

If you want to see the whole thing, you can check out the VOD on Neovenator’s Twtich channel, which I would recommend. AUTsmarted & William Follet did again a great job commenting and organizing the whole thing. And teased that they would work on a new format for this. 👀

Arty + Web = Win

In retrospect what really made the Firetail the best ship in this line-up was probably the Web. That way you are not only faster than any of the other Navy Frigates, you also get to web them just as they can. If flown right, that makes one almost uncatchable. To balance that, maybe a Multispectrum Shield Hardener instead of the Web would have been the more fair choice for the fit. That way Hookbill, Slicer and Comet would have had the chance to actually get on top of the Firetail, while the Firetail gets some additional tank to survive a bit longer once caught.

And here is the spreadsheet, if you are into that kind of stuff.

Sheet on Google docs *click me*

Thanks again for everyone organizing, sponsoring, participating and overall making it possible! 🤍

2 thoughts on “Friday Frigate Fights 2021”

  1. Dear Greybill,

    thank you for your kind words on the staff team. We always try our best to make things like this tournament a fun and challenging ride for everyone. Therefore your participation and positive feedback are the fuel that makes us run this project.

    Also, again a great read. o7 fly safe
    Commentator and Staff for G-Fleet 1vs1 PVP Pirate Faction Frigatte Tournament


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