Logs of an Eviction


Word reaches our little group about a top-secret operation. It’s planned for the coming days. If successful, the money would settle us for the next couple of years to come. But there is also a significant risk of failure of the whole operation. If we should choose to accept the mission, a single name was sent to us privately we should contact for further instructions.

Day 1: Thursday, __.__.2020

Spent 1bil on a Guardian. I hope this is worth it.

Characters in fleet:

A___________ D_____
A____ V_____
B______ W_______
C______________________ C_____________
C___ S________
D_________ U___
D__ Y__ K__
E____ C____
F_____ J
H_______ O__
I_______ A_________
J__ J_____
J_____ R____
k_______ S______
K____ P_____
K____ P____
K____ S____
K________ A______
K____ M_____
L____ A_____
M____ F______
M____ O____
M______ M____
N___ M_______
N__ I_____
O_______ O____
O______ D______
O_____ D______
R____ L____
S______ M_______
S__ P____ C____
S_____ A_
S______ C_____
t____ y____ P________
T____ G______
T____ S_________
V______ K______
V______ K__
W____ D________ P____
X_________ A_______
X___ I_______
Z____ K___ K_______

20:15 We undocked at our meetup location in Uedama
Took the one jump to lowsec, then three wormholes and we are in.

Stuff getting hauled in and dropped at the previously installed POS.

Logistics and active rolling is continually happening. More supplies are being hauled in. We saw no signs of the locals yet. But it’s safe to assume they have cloaky eyes on us.

Target System:
C2 with nullsec and C5 statics and possible Thera-WH.
Corporation: _
With 376 Characters;
Member of ___;

Hostile Citadels:
Astrahus: J______- D____ D________ ()
Fortizar: J_- G_____ S_____ P____ ()
Azbel: J_- G_____ W_____ P_______ ()
Athanor: J_- S________ _ _  ()

We successfully anchored a Staging-Astrahus.

Noticing the system is vast in diameter. 55 AU from our POS to the hostile citadels. Our Astrahus is much closer within the ranges of common ships directional scanners. 

The nullsec static wormhole is in the process of being door-stopped.

We are getting ready to go. Last pre-flight checks are being performed. The Guardian pilots gathering in dedicated command channels to prepare for the coming fight. 

We finished reinforcing their Fortizar.
A pesky boosher booshed most of the fleet INTO the Fortizar model. It took quite a bit until everyone was able to bump themself out. But the logistic chain held under the constant stream of missiles, fighters and bombardments of the structures defense systems. 
The call was made to continue with the Azbel.

Azbel is at 31% Shield.
Nothing major happened, apart from an Alt in a Helios getting regrouped to the fleet and promptly getting killed by the Azbels gunner.

We started to work on the Athanor and split up the fleet. No response apart the previous Bifrost was shown so far. 
Some people went off and started to shoot a POS of target corporation.

The Athanor is not shooting back.
I’m slowly starting to get bored. And hungry.
I think I’m going to get some noodles.
The Fort was fun to be logi because stuff happened. We go shot and actually lost ships – the ones with shield-tanks in an armor-fleet. It was expected.

Athanor has 16% shield left. I’m going afk to boil some water for the noodles.

Coming back from the Kitchen to align to the next structure.
Astrahus it is.
We are setup.
Wanted to go afk again for my noodles, but the Astrahus put up a fight.
Jamms and actual DPS required me to stay on the computer.

Astrahus is at 52% shield.
___ hasn’t undocked anything scary yet.
The gunner is trying to burst down individual ships.
Doesn’t work so far.

Astrahus at 32%.

Astrahus is at 10%
The gunner has finally stopped trying to kill something.

Astrahus reinforced.

We are hitting a small POS tower now.
Its armor is going down pretty quick actually. It’s not online as well.

We are done.
Sitting our POS now and the fight for hole-control continues.
I already know, I’m not going to participate in an eviction a second time. But I had to try once to know for sure. 
Didn’t even eat my noodles yet.
I grabbed some carrots and chewed those instead.

Probably logging off soon.
My aggression timers are done. I’m going to log off and come back in a couple hours.

Day 2: Friday, __.__.2020

Logged in again. Nothing is happening. Waiting for a ping or something like it.
Flagging exempt from fleet warp for now.

We mostly standing by.
The hole-control gang managed to kill and pod some hostile Asteros out.

Numbers docked in the Fortizar of __ are rising.
In a couple minutes the first timer of our Astrahus will come out.

We are getting more an more numbers and getting ready to setup.

Stuff is about to get serious.
We have only a small wing of logi, so Leshaks will probably have also to repair. Let’s hope they won’t shoot people.
Refitting the Leshaks to Sensor Boosters.

Our Astrahus we anchored Yesterday has 8 minutes left to go until it’s online.

Astrahus is repairing in 4 Minutes.
Nothing is happening. Yet.
They very likely have eyes on our fleet and think twice about undocking anything.

Russian Tengu spotted in the neighboring C5-static.
People getting ready to move the rolling Battleships.

No fight happened.
We are moving ships from the POS into the Astrahus now.

27 potential hostiles docked at their Fortizar.

20 more minutes until the Fortizar is in the next timer.
We have 36 people docked but the Fortizar is fitted for sub-capital fighting, which make things much spicier.
We also have a nullsec wormhole close to Northern Coalition space.
FC is thinking about bringing more people in.

Damn. I’m already getting hungry again.

The people in charge of hole-control messed up. Damn.
A fleet of ______ Kikimoras came in. M_____ is leading it.
This might be the end of our eviction.

30 Kikimoras, 4 Kirins + Support.

The locals also makes a showing:
7 Thanatos, 2 Apostles, 7 Leshaks, 3 Baahlgrons, and links.

The Kikimora fleet is hanging out at the ____-Fortizar. Doing nothing.

Talks about getting Lazerhawks in as support have started.

12 Minutes until the Fortizar is repaired.

Apparently, we undocked. Didn’t hear the first command. Anyhow, we are aligned to the citadels now. 

More – hostiles – incoming through the nullsec static.

Looks like we are actually going for this.
Fingers crossed. It will be spicy on the logi-part of this.

Nullsec is going to get suicide-rolled with Megathrons while we get ready for the fight.

Plan is:

Go in. Stay alive until Hard Knocks comes in to safe us from Kiki menace.

It WILL be spicy.


Make your piece and align.

It got exploded.
Logi could not hold up against a HAW-Dread, Fighters of seven Carriers and the Kikimoras. The fighting is still going on. RIP, Guardian.
Apparently Hard Knocks Lokies just showed up in time to even the odds. Both sides are suffering losses.

My last dscan of the whole fight shows over a hundered ships on grid.

Hostiles reshipped into a full Muninn Fleet.
Things getting heated again.

I will log off for today.
Maybe there is a way back in tomorrow.
Good night.

Day 3: Saturday __.__.2020

I checked the related kills from yesterday’s fight.
We, the attackers lost ~40b, The defenders lost around 12b.
Looting this grid must have been a juicy occasion.

My conclusion: I’ll avoid evictions if I can in the future. Especially if they aren’t my own. 

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