Grinders of the Abyss

In a recent article on the Eve Online website, the winners of the “Champions of the Abyss” contest were being announced. The names are no surprise. Enough reason for me to explain why I would rename the whole thing.

It became very quickly clear that to be in the top spots, you would need to commit to a very big grind. One where you needed to be able to spend a lot of time during certain periods.
Of course the better you pvp’d or the better you manipulated the queue by joining with alts or just colluded well with others, the less time you had to spend to climb that ladder.

Let me quote myself from a previous post about the 5v5 FFA Destroyer Arena:

Is this Eve? Is an unfair competition the point? What would that make the titles and skins worth you get added to your name then? Just tainted with the implications that you did not earn them in an “honest” way? Not easy to answer questions. But that’s on you, CCP.

I don’t want to blame CCP for not “fixing” things. Because I do not have good answers to solve the current problems myself. Every approach to solve a problem of the Abyssal Arenas I could think of – and that CCP didn’t already put into place – would have solved one thing but then created another issue. And you can’t really blame players for using all the tools and resources at their disposal either. What’s allowed is allowed. 🤷‍♂️

To be quite honest, I kind of envy the people who had that much free time and on top, the dedication to spend it on this flawed event. If I have had the time, I might have tried it as well. But probably gave up on it.

Because for me, it also makes the rewards feel very hollow and not really worth anything. In the end, it was just a grinding competition with some extra tricks. GG. I fail to be very impressed by that even when I wish I was.

And that ultimately makes me a bit sad. Sad, because the initial idea seemed like a true opportunity for a tournament-like format in Eve which had the potential to actually reward skillful gameplay. And Abyssal Arenas in its current form can still be a fun and rewarding activity on it’s own.

What I really want CCP to blame for is the attempt to sell me people who had accomplished the most grinding as “Champions”. Really?

That feels just as wrong as calling Snuffed Out “Champions of Lowsec” because they made sure to meet an artificially set requirement of “most ISK destroyed” by killing one of their own Titans. Wow. Such skill. Much competence. Very pvp… /s
I can have good respect for Snuff because they are doing what they are already doing. Dropping caps left and right and making stuff go boom. I can be impressed by that effort – but not by CCP handing out badges that aren’t worth the pixels they are displayed on, because the rules they came up with were so ridiculously easy to circumvent.

To me, both of these things feel hypocritical to celebrate or even reward. Someone met a goal within the rules, yes. But when the rules suck, what is that really worth? 

In case some of the winners are reading this: I don’t want to downplay your accomplishment. It surely was a lot of work and you came up with quite a few nice tricks to get the edge. Congratulations, you can be proud of yourself. And great for you, you get the stuff you get.

I just can not understand CCP.


You can read more awfully biased opinions like mine on reddit, if you want: Results of the Champions of the abyss are out now | It’s Official CCP Doesn’t Care if You Cheat
P.S.: Header Image Reference.

What’s your opinion on the event? I’d love to read it in the comments.

Update 04.11.2020

On the 30.10.2020 CCP released a new policy that prohibits two things:

  • Players may not attack competitors in space with the intent of using the capsuleer logoff timer to prevent them from entering the Proving Grounds.
  • Players may not spam alt accounts into the Proving Grounds in an attempt match up against themselves or their friends and obtain easy wins.

On the “Champions of the Abyss” event, these changes have no consequences.

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