Recommendation: Impressions of FWST-8

On the 6th October 2020 the invading coalition dubbed PAPI or jokingly called “Anaconda Coaltion” made the first attempt to drop a Keepstar class citadel in the NPC controlled region of Delve. The system of FWST-8 was set as the battlefield. Goonswarm and their allies dropped Dreadnoughts around the anchoring structure to kill it before it could complete the process. They succeeded at the a toll of 900 billion worth in destroyed Dreads & support ships. However, they did not drop their super capital fleet – yet.

Flickr Gallery by Razorien

When the first Keepstar finally got it’s HP-bar pushed under the threshold and died, Fraternity., part of the invading forces produced a “Hold my beer”-moment and just dropped a second Keepstar in the same system. This one made it through the 15 minute anchoring process and everyone prepared for it’s next repair timer, which would bring the structure online and make operational. Twenty-four hours to take a breath, come up with a strategy and prepare for the inevitable battle.

Hours before the battle, people pre-staged in the system. The number in local chat was climbing at 6500 pilots at its peak. With time dialation at maximum of 10%, the fight began in EU timezone and stretched late into the US timezone. About 15 hours of continued fighting over a timer that under normal circumstances would take 15 minutes.

If you want to read more about the fight as it evolved in a live-ticker style, check out the following reddit post by HailJones:

Flickr Gallery by Maximus Brutalior
Video footage by Pranav Singh


Sources: GF everyone who was at FWST-8!, World War Bee 2: A Tale Of Two Keepstars, Eve is beautiful, Small update (again), Final hour, Image Album, RMT Records – Feeling Goon, Short Story, IT’S ON, The true victim;

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