EDENCOM vs The Triglavians Contest

Lets be real here. What has EDENCOM ever done for us? I mean especially us. And by us, I mean me. I live in a wormhole for quite a while now. And the Triglavians seem actually be willing to fight the Drifters, which they call the Ancient Enemy Azdaja. EDENCOM just cares about their precious highsec – which I don’t care too much about. The less of it, the better.

So, if I wouldn’t be busy haunting nullsec from within my wormhole all day, I would absolutely have teamed up with the Triglavians by now. At least, I had the opportunity to reach my own Gold Consent of Glorification in the Abyssal Proving Grounds.

What about you? Will you help to Reclaim the Ancient Domain and Join the Flow of Vyraj?

This is a smaller sized preview image. You can download the original files below.

Click here for the original sized PNG and here for the PDF (DIN A4) file.

Also a huge thanks to Uriel Anteovnuecci for providing the Triglavian Font used for this image. 👍

Here is the original post on the CCP website. To be honest, I was bit sad that I had to choose one side, because of that nice idea to show off both factions against each other. Maybe I’ll just make that one anyway… anyone got some spare time I could buy?


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