Recommendation: Eptis on Twitch & YouTube

This is not some “elite kity bullshit.” This is going to be straight-up brawling: “Keep at range 1000”. Overheat your guns, your ancillary armor repairer, and your belief. But in nullsec you rarely find brawlers going toe-to-toe anymore. Most of the time people try to kite away and stay at a safe distance, trying to not get caught by the almost always inevitable response fleet that will show up if you stay on grid long enough.

But do you remember your first steps into pvp? Did you even try to kite? I know I didn’t. How often did you got blown up? Or almost got blown up. Barely got away, just to get baited by some hauler on a customs office. Or some hauler just warped off laughing with his warp-core stabs. How often did you die to a gate-camp, a burned-out repper, or because you chose the wrong type of damage?

With Eptis streaming and posting highlights of his solo-roams through null-sec, you can re-live that time now. Maybe pull out a hair or two and throw your hands up in the air because he somehow won the fight despite all the little mistakes. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is learning quickly and does a lot of things right already.

Seeing this him fly his blaster-brawlers makes me want to fit up some nice dual-proped hull and take a filament to nowhere.

And don’t forget to follow the man on Twitch!


The link above contains a great demonstration of tracking-mechanics as well. F to your Marshall, Bladerunner. Maybe if you would have shot Antimatter instead of Void. ;)


In the “Recommendation” category I share content from the EVE community that I think you should see (or hear), either because it’s great artwork, a cool story, masterful gameplay, or a combination of all of it.

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