What I Would Like

ccp aurora tweet

Well, dear CCP Aurora, let me tell – or even better – show you!

Understatement is better than overstatement

A shirt with the EVE-Logo on top is all nice and such but also a bit boring. And everyone who just heard the big news about our beloved sandbox in space will immediately categorize one wearing it as turbo-nerd. While he may be right, do we want that?

Personally, I would like to see some more understatement apparel that you don’t recognize at first glance as Eve-related.

So are you ready for some very hastily made up t-shirt mockups? Okay, here we go:


Of course those are just mockups: something to get a first idea of how something could look like. In no way perfect and I did this whole post and the images in maybe two hours. While watching BjornBee Drekavacing around in an invaded not-so-highsec system.

On top of that, there is already a lot of great existing designs in the actual game. It can’t be too hard to re-use those for real clothing, right?

More Ideas

  • Rainbow-Abaddon
  • ORE-themed working clothing
  • Hats! I want to wear an Amarrian cylinder on my Sunday strolls through the park.
    nora with hat
  • Posters! There is soooooooooooo much potential for cool lore or player-empire related propaganda-posters!

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Keychains
    A line of Command Destroyers would be very cool.
  • Faction-themed office “gear”


Outer Wear

I would love to suit up with an Amarr styled coat. Absolutely second this tweet from Saint Michael’s Soul here. It would be amazing to have some jacket type thing to rock when you have to get out of your pod to restock on fuel.

state military stockpile jacket

Of course, getting something like that right is a pretty damn hard and not exactly cheap thing. Tastes are very different here and I personally would not want something that looks too much like some actual military. Choice of colors seems very important here, but who am I? Clearly not a fashion designer!

What I feel like a generally good approach for merch is to not brand it with Eve but with Amarr, Gallente, Caldari, Minmatar and Blood Raiders, Guristas, Serpentis, Sisters of Eve, even Drifters could work.
Reuse the cool identity the factions in the game already have and what should go wrong?

Travel Gear

This is one is just for all the small-gang pilots out there. You know who you are.


Thanks for your attention.

And don’t forget to tweet your personal ideas towards CCP_Aurora. Maybe it will happen?


P.S.: Affordable shipping would nice too.


1 thought on “What I Would Like”

  1. Ey!!. Thx for your blog.
    I have been out of the game for the past 2 years (newborn)..finally found some time free and here i am. Trying to reactivate all my accounts. And even tho Reddit/Discord exists nowadays, i can’t get enough of blogs, it reminds me of me 15 years ago while searching and researching every single bit of Eve Online.
    Even tho the past 2 years have been putting me on a new try to change career paths (Software Engineer), it seems that’s something that i can take advantage of Eve-Online, Learning while Playing.

    Thx again!


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