One Decade of Bombers Bar

It’s said Bombers Bar is the oldest NPSI-group in Eve Online. And with ten years under its belt, that sounds quite plausible. But no matter if that’s true or not, it is safe to say the group is one of the most famed in their field. Maybe also the most frowned upon if you consider their primary choice of targets is mainly nullsec dwelling capital pilots.

The concept is rather simple: People from all over New Eden with all kinds of backgrounds group up with the goal to blow things up. The only requirement to join is the ability to use a Covert Ops Cloak and fly a hull that can fit and use said module. A suitably fitted bomber has a price tag of roughly 60 million ISK. Making the content accessible for a wide range of pilots. After joining the fleet, you follow commands, and chances are high you land your name on a shiny killmail.

Just remember to cloak in warp,
only jump when you are told and
don’t bump the bridger.

Happy birthday, Bombers Bar!
Thank you Calasian for this amazing video. 

Have you been on a Bombers Bar fleet yet? Do you plan to?
If so, join the in-game channel “Bombers Bar” or check out their website:

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