“The Boosh” – EVE Online Artwork

26 layersThis piece got inspired by Olmeca Gold’s video The Whaler. I greatly recommend watching this one if you haven’t yet.

Everything except the background is stylized in hard black and white featuring a Dragoon in the foreground pretending to be his T2 equivalent, the Pontifex. In the background, a sieged rorqual is happily spitting flames and watching Netflix while its Excavator drones are about to be booshed off. The blurry rings you see in front are the attempt to recreate the effect of a Micro Jump Field Generator in a stylized way.
You judge how good that worked out. 😉

I had to use the model of a Dragoon because the database of the EVE_NT Designer is a bit outdated. Luckily, the differences are not that great – but a very attentive recipient might see the differences.
As all the full-time miners might have suspected already, the background is a little cheat as well. This is no actual asteroid belt: It’s a screenshot from surroundings of a planet from within a shattered wormhole.

With less than 30 layers in total, this piece is one of my more reasonable compositings. It’s easy to get too ambitious with details and carried away. When that happens, you “suddenly” end up with this huge confusion of layers and files that take gigabytes on your hard drive. I have only a few of those (early) attempts that may never get exported in their final form. To avoid accumulating more of those I try to make clear definitions and shape the idea as straight as possible. That includes to flesh them out on paper first. The more difficult part is then to stick with it. Especially when you work with a client and you get more input and requirements along the way. 

Maybe this little insight was interesting for some of you, maybe not. Anyhow! Here is the final product. Download link below!

The Boosh

Click here for a full resolution download.

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