The Standing Trap

If you were that unfortunate to encounter an NPC mining fleet of a faction you have bad standings too, I hope you made it back into warp in time.
Those fleets are no joke and a force to reckon with. They are organized like capsuleer fleets, use small frigates for tackle and e-war, have logistics and up to battleship sized DPS. A lonely cruiser is certainly no match for them, and even capitals can get into serious trouble.

But what would happen if you have good, even excellent standings with them?

Let Suitonia show you:

The mechanics used here are not that commonly known, so let me explain it a bit.

First off, Suitonias character has pretty good standing to Sansha’s Nation – or at least their mining division. This makes them blue to him: They don’t attack him and even remote repair him.

The second part of the trap required an NPC mining operation of the faction you have the good standings with. You can easily identify them by the diamond-icon “♦️” in their name. If you have found one, you need to trigger the response fleet. But… oh, you have good standings, hm.
Well, you need a different character to do this.

While the response fleet comes in, the mining fleet and the hauler will try to warp off to a safe spot. The response fleet will follow if they can’t catch the aggressor. This spot, you can scan down with combat probes just like regular player ships.

Now get the character with the positive standings there and anchor the Encounter Surveillance System* (ESS) which will show up as a warp-able object on most other pilots overview – and produce a bubble around it.

Update 30.03.2021: With the ESS-rework this the Encounter Sourveilance System is no longer a deployable item. But you the recently introduced Mobile Cynosural Field Generator does the trick just as well. You only need to remember to bring a Mobile Warp Disrupter to launch beside it.

Your trap is set. Now you only need to keep it active by decloaking your hostile character every 10 minutes on the grid, so the NPCs stay interested.

And some players that land in your trap of course.


Update: Suitonia seems to have gotten many questions about how this works and made an additional video to explain in more detail what was going on there.

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