Fun with T1

You don’t need to sit in a 500 million Munin to have fun. What you really need is a group of people, willing to fleet up and go out to do things.

This post is a shoutout to Evictus.-FC NighBl4de who did exactly that.
Someone apparently gave him a bunch of fitted Thrashers to take out on fleets. The problem with that: no propulsion modules.

Despite that, he decided to head towards the space of Winter Coalition in Detorid, were we heard from the plan. Because well, it got streamed live on NightB4des Twitch channel. While you are on it, give that man a follow, he deserves it.
But back to topic. B1ack Sky, FC for Winter Coalition, decided that Cormorants would be well suited to confront the Evictus-gang. And so put our pods out of the 500 million worth Munins and back into the paper-thin T1 hull with sensor boosters and railguns. And we ventured out, to meet the Thrashers on the field.

Since we knew they were coming our way, our interdictor pilots were able to set up some nice bubbles and we went in for the skirmish. How did it turn out? Well, see yourself!

The great thing about T1 hulls are the extremely little costs and skill requirements. You can earn enough ISK for two decently fitted destroyers within one tick of VNI-Ratting. Personally, I would love to see T1 doctrines to be used more often.

Thanks for the good fight, Evictus.


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