The Vanishing of JonnyPew

Seems like he really won EVE* this time.

It’s not unusual for players to disappear for several months or even years. Just to come back and ask for a heads up on the changes since they have left. So I did not give much thought about JonnyPew’s disappearance over the last months. Especially not because I remember him mentioning a new job during a stream sometime this winter. I have taken months off myself.

But four days ago I red this:

jonny is gone
Screenshot taken at 02:26 10.07.2018 Eve time – click to view on r/Eve

For those of you who haven’t heard of the capsuleer JonnyPew, formerly knows as the starship captain Sir Livingston (recycelt) and his Explorers Log: He made high quality videos about EVE Online. When I made my first steps in 2013 his content helped and inspired me.

I don’t know the reasons why Jonny would delete all his videos, his Twitter and Twitch-Account. Or at least set them to private. I also wont arrogate to know someone well just because I have seen him or her stream a couple of times. Whatever people may assume and guess on the forums, we wont know. And I don’t think we are to judge that decision.

No, I haven’t won EVE Online… yet

Only thing I can tell is that I always liked his attitude about the game. And I can imagine why one would rather opt out.
But you can’t opt out of peoples memories.

So I salute you, Mr. Pew.


Fly safe. o7



*For all those who haven’t heard about it yet, “to win EVE” means to quit playing.
Most people don’t win for very long.

I wrote this post until here on the 10. Juli 2018. But at the time I wanted to wait, just in case some new info pops out. And then I forgot about it. Then, only three days later this thread popped up in the official forums:

jonny is off social media.GIF
Click here to view in the official Eve Online Forums.

I forgot about having this post as a draft until the 30. of September. But during the #EVEathon stream (which was by the way awesome) Manic Velocity (who is also awesome) shared some thoughts about the matter. Now I think is the right time to actually publish this post. Consider it as a personal tribute.

3 thoughts on “The Vanishing of JonnyPew”

  1. He really inspired me to get into the game at the end of 2013, as well. I was doing 200mil ISK solo roams exploring nullsec scanning sites before I ever even did a Level 2 combat mission 😂 I just started playing again, so when I went back today to see if he had been posting any videos, I was sad to see everything deleted or made private. I remember back in the day I started to get the idea that he was a priest or pastor of some sort, based on some little things he said in his videos and the “pew” in his name. I wonder if that had something to do with it? (if that’s even true, that is) Maybe he just got tired of EVE. I hope he comes back one day!


  2. […] Why is that worth a blog post? First, this is easy for me to write. I’m rather busy IRL at the moment, also, I still enjoy my Eve-break from the last Alliance Tournament. And lastly the most important reason: The huge influence JonnyPew had on me as a new Eve player watching his videos. So when he went dark, I was a bit worried. Was the guy O.K.? I wrote a blog post, as a form of a personal tribute titled The Vanishing of JonnyPew. […]


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