New Video – Rooks and Kings on Tranquility

What can I say? More than two years after the last video was released, we got blessed again with some high quality storytelling. But the time was probably no coincidence. Rumors have been spread for a while now, stating the Chinese server “Serenity” would be about to get shut down in the near future. They don’t hold true yet, as CCP recently announced that the operations will be taken over by the company NetEase Games.

The future will tell what this means for the Chinese Eve players. But quite a few of them have already moved over to Tranquility. Gathering to great parts in Winter Coalition and it’s most prominent alliance Fraternity, who currently fights against Legacy and The Imperium alongside their partners.

The latest video of Rooks and Kings give insights in the political landscape of the past years and culture of the Chinese community. Which, to say the least, differ quite a bit from the wars fought on Tranquility. But see yourself:



About Rooks and Kings

If you want to know more about them, take a loot at their website, You will find a timeline of the major and not so major events that they where involved during their more active contribution to the happenings in Eve Online’s history.


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