The Battle of the Five Fleets

The last time I made the spontaneous decision to join one of Bjorns fleets endet as the most expensive loss of my EVE career. You can read about it here.

But not this time. Even my Drake survived a crazy trip that night. Yes you read that right. On Sunday, the 6th May 2018 a public fleet under the command of Bjorn Bee counting nearly 140 pilots brought Drakes into NullSec.

FC is on fire

Here is my attempt to create a battlereport of this madness. I’m terribly sorry to put Snuff in the same tab as Goonswarm, but I didn’t figure out how to add a fifth tab. I think they can handle it, though.

Lesson Learned

I need to make use of my celestial-tab in my overview more to align to stuff faster.

But afterwards my Killboard was all green.

ZKILLBOARD 5 fleet fight

Thanks for fleet, FC!

You can watch Bjorn Bee most days from 16:00 EVE time live on Twitch:


1 thought on “The Battle of the Five Fleets”

  1. I watched these engagements live and was so impressed with Bjorn Bee’s FCing. He was on fire, the best I’ve ever so him. The man really knows how to keep on top of all aspects of a huge fleet battle. From positioning his fleet for optimum efficiency to managing his ships cap usage. This day, Bjorn Bee was second to none!

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