An Orca, BjornBee and a Point

Over Christmas I had only access to a very hadware limited notebook and decided to do only station trading with it. So I was used to just click away the pop-ups telling me something is over- or underpriced a lot.
This habit of clicking away messages is crucial in the following story.

When I came back home at the second January I found BjornBee streaming on his Twitch channel. He was solo roaming through LowSec in a Raven after which death he planned to take out a public fleet. About a hundred capsuleers, eager for PvP, already awaited him in Jita 4/4.
While having dinner, I spontaneously decided to log on and join them.

Answering the Call

Then Bjorn came across an unusual sight: An Orca; Taking gates; In LowSec. Of course he had to take it on! After some time it was clear that alone he wouldn’t be able to destroy it. So he called for help – and the kitchen sink fleet came to aid him.
I also followed the call. In a Stabber I rushed to LowSec.

Meanwhile the Orca pilot had called for help too and an Apostle (a capital logistics ship or “Force Auxiliary” short: FAX) jumped in and started repairing the Orca. But more and more of Bjorns backup arrived. We primaried the Orca and tried to bump the Apostle to reduce his ability to repair. Here you can see Nora (me) do good bumping! :3

Finally our kitchen sink fleet managed to kill the Orca (zKillboard), yay! Success! But then, Cormack TheGreat and his Avatar friend decided to drop by.

After my Stabber died I “reshipped” to a rookie frigate and thought a point would be a good idea to be at least somewhat useful.
So I quickly bought one from the nearest station available. Not realizing the number, telling me how much it was over prized. Eager to get back into pew pew, I klicked OK, fitted it and warped back – just in time to get on a Vindicator kill with it. Yes! Another success… and another killmark for a Titan.

The fight was technically over at that point and we went back to Jita to start the actual fleet.
Somewhere on the way back I realized my mistake:
1and a half billion point

Well, I guess that’s the most expensive blog post so far. As a consequence I have now transferred the most of my liquid ISK to an Alt, so I can’t spent over a billion at once ever again.

Here is the happening in full length from Bjorns view: YouTube / Twitch
I might be biased but I recommend to watch it. I know, I will remember this day.

And at the end…

… I’m not even mad. The person who setup that sell-order obviously knows what he’s doing. It’s only a game – but a great story to tell, and to have a laugh about.
You can’t buy that with ISK.

Thanks Bjorn, thanks Cormack and everyone involved.
You made my day. o7

2 thoughts on “An Orca, BjornBee and a Point”

  1. i once paid 800 Mio for a Badger Mark II back in 2008. We wanted to anchor a POS in Immensea and needed an Indu to transport it. So i headed out to the next Lowsec and bought one without looking at the prices. Well, it was the most expensive Indu-Ship i ever bought but after anchoring the POS it gloriously died in a fight against Goons. Ofcourse i had a Turret fitted :-D

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