3x FHD Monitor Wallpapers

Do you have a three monitor setup? Then these wallpaper quality space nebula might be something you like. They are not exactly 5760x1080px but 5800x1100px - which should end up effectively the same if you use it with three full HD screens. With the EVE NT Designer you can do this very easily yourself for your… Continue reading 3x FHD Monitor Wallpapers

Recommendation: Solo Interceptor PvP Video by Warcrow

Let this one show you what a solo interceptor is capable of. What makes this video standing out is the time and effort put into effects and explanation of the opponents. You really can take away some knowledge from it!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oQMQwA5BSE   Via EVE Online forums.   About: In the Recommendation category I share… Continue reading Recommendation: Solo Interceptor PvP Video by Warcrow